Why More Marketers Should Invest in SEO in 2019

More Marketers Should Invest in SEO in 2019, because numbers don’t lie. If you want Brand Awareness, Traffic, and more Conversions – Invest in SEO.

Why More Marketers Should Invest in SEO in 2019


Every marketer or business owner’s dream is to make their business flourish. However, that’s often easier said than done.


The hard truth is, 20 percent of companies fail on their first year, and only 30 percent only make it past a 10-year mark.


SEO is crucial when it comes to your inbound sales strategy.

It’s where new customers find you. So, if you aim to have a steady flow of sales each month, and maximize your ROI, then SEO is a worthy investment. Continuing to invest in SEO will produce more earnings and growth for your organization for the years to come.

Now let me give you Key reasons why you need to invest in SEO for 2019:

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Numbers Don’t Lie

In 2017, Google got a total of 79% in all the desktop traffic worldwide, followed by Bing by 7.27%.

If you’re not convinced yet, Google is receiving approximately 63,000 searches per second in any given day.

Aside from that, more Google searches are taking place on mobile devices than desktop computers in 10 countries including Japan and the U.S.

So, the number’s don’t lie.

No doubt, that SEO is becoming more effective and more competitive. As the world of digital marketing becomes increasingly competitive, more and more organizations are getting even better at developing their SEO strategy.

Low Cost, High Measurable ROI

Unlike paid ads, investing in SEO provides very little investment.

However, if you want to take your growth strategy up to the next level, it’s going to take a significant amount of time and monetary investment.

When you’re first starting, the results will always leave you yearning to achieve more. However, the real power of SEO comes exponentially over time. Unlike paid ads that give you more narrow results, in SEO, every piece of content that you create will hold a long lasting value when it comes to traffic and domain authority.

Increase Brand Awareness

increase brand awareness

Recently, Google’s search rankings encourage building a personal brand.

That way, no matter what size or reputation, brands can come up and publish creative content, building authority on their specific niches over time.

As a result, niche and bigger brands are experiencing dramtic search benefits. Niche brands who have already proven their expertise in their particular field tend to outrank their competitors.

In fact, in Searchmetrics’ annual Ranking Factors Study, there is strong evidence that suggests that most brands rank better in search results.

They’re knocking off more generic domains that are competing for the same search terms and keywords. Therefore, they have greater SEO visibility and top of the search results.

So, how can you build better brand awareness, creating more impact to your viewers?

While there is precisely no surefire answer to that, creating an insightful content strategy is a great place to start.

Here are some formats in building better awareness for your brand:


  • Content on social media
  • Trending blogs and topics that gets you a lot of eyeballs
  • A company’s overview video
  • Customized infographics
  • Interviews

Increases Your Traffic

Can adding keywords in various site elements improve your chances in ranking well in Google?

As we said before, that is often easier said than done.

For instance, your content pages, and blog posts can be vital tools when it comes to boosting conversions, lead generation, and sales. But here’s the thing ‒ if you’re not regularly producing content, you may be forced to give up more than just your posting.

It has been an increasing priority for marketers to invest in SEO over the last couple of years, and it’s easy to understand why.

When you land on the top spot of the search results, you’ll gain more traffic, more leads, more conversions, and ultimately, more sales.

Empowers Your Local Strategy

Empowers Your Local Strategy

SEO gives your website an excellent web presence. It dramatically improves the amount and quality of traffic that you receive from search engines. Most of them, organic. Meaning, the success that your online business achieves, mostly depends on your search rankings.


Websites that are properly optimized for search results tend to rank higher on search engines like Google. As a result, there is increased brand awareness, profits, and the return of investments.

SEO has the power to give the most significant ROI with a much lower cost compared to both online and offline marketing. It also gives you real-time results when it comes to lead conversions, sales, and can reach a bigger target market.


Also, you have real-time conversion tracking that helps you measure and track results better on a regular basis.

SEO Drives Conversion

SEO enables your site to be an excellent revenue generation model, and you can maximize your profits by selling your products and services to a much larger target market.

In other words, it boosts the conversion rates on your website as long as you have the right strategies and tools at your disposal.

Here are some practical SEO conversion strategies to make you stay on top of your game:

  • Using dynamic content
  • Utilizing neuro design
  • Using video and visual elements to increase the duration of site visits
  • Enhance page loading time
  • Utilizing long-tail keywords

To Wrap It Up

So how crucial is SEO?

Currently, Google is ranking higher quality pages, which means they’re favoring quality over quantity. That’s why SEO is becoming increasingly important.

Those who focus on improving the overall quality and improving user experience on their site will benefit from it in the long run.

As the market becomes increasingly competitive, it’s ever crucial to invest in an organic SEO services, despite difficulties in the lack of organic traffic and keyword data.

For you to flourish in the world of online marketing, your business should come up with a solid SEO strategy. It remains one of the critical components in building a company’s online presence and improving your branding efforts.