Why Integrate Chat support System into your Lead Generation Strategy

Increase Customer Satisfaction. Improve Conversions. Find out why having a chat support system is an essential component of your lead generation process.

Why Integrate Chat support System into your Lead Generation Strategy

Lead generation is a continuous business activity.

As current leads are fulfilled, more have to be generated to sustain your business.

According to a Marketo Study, 96% of visitors to your website aren’t ready to buy from you yet. The onus is on you to create an enabling environment for purchase.

Effective communication is integral in driving consumers from the first point of contact to the point of favorable actions. In today’s digital society, phone calls and emails aren’t sufficient; a chat support system is key to engage the digital consumer base.

An Econsultancy Study found that live chat had the highest customer service satisfaction level with 73% in comparison with the 61% for emails and 44% for telephone.

This was the opinion of over two thousand consumers who were surveyed based on their experience with various customer service mediums used by organizations.

The simple fact is — customer service can’t be ignored. If you need more convincing check out these 32 customer service facts.

Provide instant response

Customer service is one area where time is invaluable.

Time is more important to customers than most businesses acknowledge. If you think satisfaction was the ultimate goal of consumers, you need to reevaluate your thoughts.

A Customer Experience Survey showed that, although consumers value efficiency, it’s of lesser priority to them in comparison to quick response. This might seem surprising on the surface, but upon evaluation, you’ll find reason in it.

Customers aren’t “friends” with businesses. They don’t call to check on you. The only time they contact you is when they need help either with an inquiry or a problem they are facing with your product or service.  In that moment of duress, they need to talk to someone. A quick response solves half of the problem by assuring them that everything will be fine. With this, they can be at ease while they wait for a solution.

Similarly, according to a Forrester Report, 53% of US online users abandon their cart if they don’t get a quick response to their question.

The usefulness of your product is irrelevant if they cannot purchase it seamlessly.  With the option of getting the same product elsewhere at their disposal, it makes sense to exit your website. A chat support system facilitates instant communication, reducing the 75.6% average cart abandonment rate reported by SaleCycle. You receive customer inquiries on the spot, and respond instantly without wasting their time.

Create a seamless inquiry process

According to research, 62% of mobile users expect you to have live chat software on your website even before they arrive.


It makes their inquiries seamless.

Surprisingly, only 9% of businesses actively use live chat, says SuperOffice. This implies that, simply using a chat support system gives you an edge over your competitors. And with the fierce competition in today’s business market, you need every point you can score.

In a survey of online US buyers, 63% of consumers revealed that they’d rather return to a website that has live chat than one that doesn’t. Life is happening. People are engaged in various activities. Sending emails back and forth can be tasking. And with an active inbox, chances of missing a customer service response mail about a pressing issue are high. But with chat support, customers are a few minutes away from ticking the pending issue off as they engage you in their comfort zone.

Convert leads faster

Leads are converted into customers when they are fully convinced about the usefulness of the product or service on offer. In most cases, this is done on the premise of adequate information presented to them, erasing any doubts they may have. According to HubSpot, 74% of customers disclosed that converting leads into customers is their top priority. If you aren’t doing the same, you’ll lose available customers in your market to them.

FurstPerson reports that 77% of customers won’t buy anything on a website if there’s no chat support system.

The reason isn’t farfetched. Consumers like to know that they aren’t making a bad buying decision. Talking to someone about their intending purchase builds their confidence in the product.

For instance, an interested buyer contacts you via live chat to make inquiries about a product. They relay what exactly they need the product for and their budget. With this information, you can advise them on a budget-friendly product that’s apt for their need. The confusion stalling the consumer’s purchase is clarified, and they proceed to make the purchase immediately.

Expressing the impact of live chat in their buying decisions, 44% of consumers revealed that, making a live chat agent available during their online purchase, was one of the most important support businesses could offer.

Improve search engine performance

Search engines are committed to satisfying the information needs of online users by proving rich content. Besides generating traffic, good content keeps visitors engaged on a website. Whatever you do, you must ensure that you reduce your website’s bounce rate. If people are jumping out immediately when they arrive, it tells search engines that your site falls below their expectations.

Live chat helps you to increase dwell time. This is the duration of time visitors spend on your site before going back to Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) to look for more information. For instance, if a visitor arrives on your site, and spends about thirty minutes chatting with you via live chat before heading back to SERPs, it shows that they were engaged on your site getting some value. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be there for long.

As more visitors use your chat support system to engage you, your dwell time increases, and this makes you look good on search engines in terms of ranking.

Leading Chatbots for Customer Support

1. ChatFuel

Chatfuel is a user friendly, flexible third party plugin that requires no previous coding experience.

Chatfuel offers live updates on data, news and highlights to keep your strategic engagement with users fresh and informed.


2. Chyme Customer Service Bot

Chyme bot
Chyme offers a lot of different bots but the customer service Chatbot can answer customer queries /FAQs with Machine Learning built-in that makes the responses more intelligent over time. This Chatbot can help customers complete various interactions without the need for a human agent. For example, a consumer can report an accident/loss to an insurance company, and receive a Claim reference number with the help of a Claims Assistant/chatbot.

3. IBM Watson Conversation

IBM Watson will enable you to create your own Chatbot on any type of WordPress website.


Watson Assistant comes pre-trained with industry-relevant content. It can make sense of your historical chat or call logs, and it has a visual dialog editor — meaning it’s never been easier to get started (developers not required).


A report published by Harvard Business Review showed that customers who had a great experience with a brand spend 140% more than those who had a poor experience. In other words, your level of patronage today is an offshoot of how you treated your customers. By integrating live chat into your lead generation system, you give customers an experience that sustains them for future transactions.