Why Google My Business Could Be As Important As Your Website For SEO

Every small business needs a website right? Wrong. Every small business needs online visibility and Google My Business could be more important for SEO than your website.

Why Google My Business Could Be As Important As Your Website

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Many business owners have put a lot of resources into improving their SEO. You may have noticed — competition is fierce online. Google My Business is an often overlooked source of visibility for quality leads and traffic.


Websites usually take the most focus for small business owners, while Google My Business (GMB) pages are given little or no attention. The truth is, many businesses don’t even consider creating a GMB page which is also as important as a website page, especially if you intend to reach your potential customers locally.


This article will help uncover the importance of a Google My Business page and how it can go a long way in helping your business succeed and gain the prominence it deserves.


What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a series of practices done to improve the look and positioning of web pages in the results displayed during organic searches. 


Unlike ads displayed when online, which are usually based on the highest bidder, results displayed during organic searches are based on the user’s query and how well SEO is done. 


To improve the quality and quantity of traffic to your website, a good SEO strategy is crucial.


What Is Google My Business?

Google my business is a free online service designed to reach customers locally. With GMB, you can oversee the appearance of your business online and across google, as well as make it unique.

It is a proper means of creating opportunities for your business to provide services or products to people in your community and neighboring ones.


Why Should You Use Google My Business?

More than other search engines such as Yahoo, Baidu, Bing, etc., a large percentage of people use Google. This means that if you create a Google my business page, you will have an edge to make your business profile be viewed and accessed by a huge number of potential customers. 


In this digitized world, the more frequent your business and many things about it are displayed in search results, the more you get people to be attentive to you and want to deal with you. Google my business, is just a proactive and more practical substitute for conventional ads.


The Advantages Of Google My Business For SEO

Taking into consideration that many people today use mobile phones to make searches for products and services they need, then imagine the potential sales you can make by having your business come up in most related searches.


Creating and adequately optimizing your Google My Business page is an important practice to open doors of opportunities for your business.

Below are discussed advantages of Google My Business. 


Visibility Of Your Business

Usually, when you make searches on google, Google Local Pack (map and business names list) appears at the top of the search page. 


Google Local Pack is the first visible thing to the users once their queries are submitted. It incorporates many essential data that any potential client may require to be accessible.


Such data include location on the map, the business’ contact information (say such potential client needs to make more inquiries or order a reservation quickly), business hours, and how well your company is rated.


Google My Business is a vital tool in determining the rankings of Google Local Pack. Hence, if your objective is to reach a target audience, especially in the area of your business, updating and optimizing your business information online through GMB is key. 


GMB Enables Customers To Give Reviews Of Your Business

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Customer reviews are also a factor in which search engines determine search results rankings. 


Google My Business makes it convenient for customers to give positive feedback on your business. This boosts the chances of your business being displayed the next time another potential customer puts up a query.


Apart from improving your local SEO, customer reviews help people facilitate purchases, thereby increasing your sales. This is so because people tend to believe customers’ testimonies as your company did not pay them to promote your business. 


Don’t be surprised by this information because people find online reviews credible as personal recommendations. However, more positive feedback means increased sales.


Additionally, reviews allow you to know how customers see your brand, what strategies to maintain, and things to improve on. However, don’t forget that collecting these reviews may not be efficient without Google My Business.


GMB Helps To Gather Information On Improving Your Business

With Google taking the lead of all search engines, Google My Business features a tool that helps provide data on how to know what your customers want. 


With these insights, you can decide on the most appropriate business strategies to adopt and areas to improve on.


GMB Can Help Boost Your Website Ranking

Specific pages of your website can be linked to your Google My Business listing. This directs traffic to your business website, giving it a fighting chance in Google Local Pack rankings.


Free And Easy Access 

Google My Business listing is a feature designed for all types of mobile phones. it can be easily accessed without paying a dime, at any time, as long as your internet connection is solid. It is a feature that is convenient for you as a business owner and your customers.


You can make updates on your business profile to be easily seen by your customers. 


Examples of vital business information found on GMB that help customers make purchase decisions are;


  • Business name
  • Business description
  • Business location
  • Business website
  • Business hours
  • Customer reviews
  • Relevant photos


It Is Time To Create And Optimize Your Google My Business

Google My Business is an outstanding feature you need to incorporate to be on the right foot at improving the Search Engine Optimization of your business. 


A proper business listing will effectively boost the local search ranking of your business. However, GMB alone is not enough to build a solid SEO for your business. 


You can work with professionals to help take your business SEO to the peak level.