There are millions of websites on the World Wide Web and every business owner hopes that his site will be able to lure potential customers. The truth is, the chance of success in the virtual world is bleak unless you know search engine optimization techniques. After all, there are thousands of companies selling the same type of products or services and finding your site is like locating a needle in a haystack. Every keyword search in Google brings thousands of results, but customers hardly go beyond the top 30 results. So, unless your site is on top of SERPs for the keywords related to your business, it is hard to bring Web users to your site.

Search engine optimization is vital, but the question is, should you hire a SEO company for website optimization or should you do it yourself? There are plenty of SEO companies out there and all of them claim to provide the best services, but it is better to handle the SEO tasks personally. When you learn the SEO process and take care of your website’s search engine optimization strategy, it isn’t hard to achieve success.

Let’s explore the benefits of learning and doing SEO for your personal website.

You can avoid black-hat SEO professionals: I’m sure you have noticed ads from SEO companies who claim to bring your site to the No. 1 position in the SERPs within one month. The promise is certainly exciting, but if you hire such an agency, your site will pay the ultimate price. First of all, it takes time to bring a site to the top and, secondly, when a company claims something so absurd, they are going to apply black-hat SEO techniques. Black-hat SEO techniques may improve website ranking for a short time, but eventually Google punishes the site once it recognizes the unethical activities. Unless you learn SEO and opt for SEO training, you may put your online business in a vulnerable position.

You are in charge of everything: A SEO company may have veteran employees, but they take care of multiple client projects and, as a result, don’t pay 100 percent attention to each project. When you do it all by yourself, you have absolute freedom. Nobody knows your company better than you and, thus, you can create a proper on-page as well as off-page strategy.

Better co-ordination: SEO is dependent on keyword research, website content, blog posting, link building and many more factors. When search engine optimization is done in-house, different tasks can be organized and monitored in a better way. You can tell content writers what type of content you need, what the writing style should be and which keywords to use etc. On the other hand, if you hire a SEO company, it may outsource the content writing and article marketing duties to freelance writers and, as a result, you get low-quality content for your site.

Money saving: Take a look at the SEO packages offered by various companies and you will understand that it’s quite costly. Not every company can afford to spend thousands of dollars on search engine optimization. If you have just started your business, then it is an intelligent decision to save the money by taking care of the search engine optimization responsibilities personally. You can invest the money in your business to expand your operations.

When you practice SEO regularly and learn new tricks, it makes you more confident. You can update your site frequently following Google’s guidelines to ensure steady ranking on SERP. Most importantly, you don’t need to depend on anyone when you are capable enough to optimize your site.

James Conner is an online marketing expert and he works as a team lead in a renowned SEO firm. James thinks that every business owner should invest time and money in basic SEO training to take care of their business confidently.
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