Why Aren’t People Liking My Facebook Page and What Can I do About It?

liking my facebook page

The number of people who like your Facebook Page is a direct measurement of its success. The more likes it receives, the greater the engagement. And with a large number of followers, you’ll have an easier time promoting your products and services on Facebook. But convincing users to like a Facebook Page isn’t always an easy task. If this sounds like a familiar scenario, keep reading for some helpful tips and tricks on how to attract more Page likes.


Infrequent Posting

How often do you post new content to your Facebook Page? Many brands create their Page and initially make a couple posts but fail to maintain it. Unless you are posting new content on a regular basis, however, your Page will largely remain unseen. A good rule of thumb is to make at least one post per day. If you don’t have the time to log into Facebook each and every day, use the build-in scheduling feature.


They Don’t Believe You Are Who You Say You Are

Anyone can create a new Facebook Page and present themselves as the owner of a business. As such, users have become increasingly wary of liking/following new Pages. Thanks to a new verification feature that Facebook recently rolled out, however, you can show users that you are the real deal. Go to your Page and access Settings > Page Verification > Verify this Page > Get Started. You will then receive an automated phone call from Facebook with a 4-digit PIN. Enter this PIN into the respective field and your Page will receive the verified badge.


Content Isn’t Engaging

Your Page’s content will play a key role in the number of likes it receives. If you only publish promotional content, you probably won’t receive many likes (if any). However, if you publish interesting and engaging content, it will encourage users to like it, share it with their friends, and comment, all of which is beneficial for your Page.


Here are some simple tips to keep in mind when posting for engagement:

1. Get your readers attention

list article post

Highlight an update with one of the points from your list articles.

2. Find and Share Timely Content

boston globe red sox parade post

The Boston Globe provided coverage in advance and on the day of the event.


3. Pay attention to when your fans are online

times fans are online image

Posts for this page should be published after 10 am ET.

4. Create a Call to Action

facebook call to action

Example of a no-pressure, sales-oriented call to action.



You Aren’t Promoting It

Of course, you can’t expect people to like your Facebook Page unless you are actively promoting it. Sure, you may receive a handful of likes here and there, but generating a strong following is next to impossible without advertising.

After Facebook’s release of EdgeRank, Facebook Ads are a not only a great way to promote your Page, but a necessity for brands to generate new likes with minimal investment.

Edgerank was a fairly notorious algorithm that Facebook implemented to reduce spam posts and raise the quality of shared posts. Unfortunately, most of us saw a massive decline in exposure and consequently page likes.

Mack Web Solutions show rankings on Facebook fell due to EdgeRank

For more detailed information about Edgerank you should check out this post by MackWebSolutions. They provide some really good information and stats on paying to promote your Facebook posts for likes.

I’m sure there are hundreds of ways to improve your Facebook post engagement, but hopefully this article will help you identify why your posts may not be performing well and even provide a little insight as to how you can boost engagement.

Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.