Why an SSL Certificate Is Important for Your Company

Warning this site might not be safe, do you want to continue? If you don’t understand why an SSL Certificate is important, read this post, it will only take a minute.

SSL Certificate

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If you want to increase your brand value and boost the ranking of your website, provide additional security and safe shopping and present yourself as a trustworthy partner to your clients and customers, getting an SSL certificate is guaranteed to help you achieve your desired results.

What is SSL and how does it function?

Secure Socket Layers or SSL is a public key infrastructure employing the RSA encryption algorithm and security certificates for authentication. Through the secure protocol HTTPS, it aids in creating a secure client-server connection, making it the ideal option for safeguarding sensitive data like client contact information and credit card credentials. The public key infrastructure consists of two keys, a public one and a private one, the purpose of which is the encryption and decryption of data, respectively. A Certificate Authority ensures the private and secure transfer of information which happens upon verification.


Here is a step-by-step illustration of the process:

  •   The clients ask for identification from the web server.
  •   The SSL certificate granted by the CA is sent to the client by the server.
  •   The customer receives a copy of the certificate and communicates with a confirmation. The confirmed certificate is then sent back to the server upon message verification.
  •   Once it receives the acknowledgment of verification, the server starts the encrypted information flow between the client and server and provides the client with a digital signature.

Specific ways an SSL certificate can help you improve your business

Getting an SSL certificate from a trusted source can have a wide variety of benefits for any business. With increased security and an edge over your competitors regarding your SEO ranking, reputability, affordability, and ease of use, an SSL certificate is a gift that keeps on giving.

Increased security

A security breach can have legal and financial repercussions for any company, and there is no better safeguard against such attacks than an SSL certificate. With every connection secured, random third parties are barred access to crucial information and cannot compromise the security of your clients and website. With a secure HTTPS connection, you will save yourself from the embarrassment of your clients being presented with a message such as: “This website is not secure,” as well as being flagged by Google’s algorithm. An HTTPS connection shows the visitors that you have an SSL certificate installed and that the data shared will not be accessible to anyone else, even if they are utilizing the same service. Increased security also lets you encrypt the sensitive data transferred from one device to another, the sensitive data being anything from a password to a bank account number and credit card information. SSLs also serve as authenticators since they can attest to the fact that your website is, in fact, yours and not a flawless imitation designed to dupe your potential clients.

Giving authority and reputability to your brand

Another benefit your company could have from an SSL certificate is the trust an SSL certificate provides to your customers. Whether you’re selling a product or a service, an SSL certificate reassures those visiting your website that you are trustworthy and that you care about their privacy and well-being. HTTPS will also increase your website’s loading speed, therefore, providing the visitors with the best experience possible. As a reward for taking care of your customers and placing security as a top priority, Google will give you a boost in your search engine ranking, as the presence of an SSL certificate is one of the parameters used to place you at the top of a search, giving you a subtle edge over your competition.

Affordability and ease of use

With the benefits already listed, it’s clear that an SSL is worth almost any price, but you’ll be surprised to discover that SSL certificates come at astoundingly affordable prices, and in some cases, they are even free. With a whole range of brands to choose from and options to get your SSL certificate at a discounted price, there really is no excuse for blatantly ignoring the threats to the security of your website and your clients. Another possible misconception regarding SSL certificates is that they are hard to install and even harder to operate, and nothing could be farther from the truth. From receiving your SSL certificate to applying it, there are probably just a few clicks; you’ll just need to install it (securely), change the links from HTTP to HTTPS, redirect your traffic to the changed links and finally tweak the search console and analytics tools for safe tracking. If even that sounds complicated, it’s good to know that hosting companies provide 24/7 managed support that can install the certificate without you having to move a muscle. Once everything is checked, the SSL certificate operates automatically and requires no monitoring from you.


With so many ways to benefit your business, an SSL is a must if you’re looking to make your firm prosperous and secure. Even with less impactful benefits, an SSL would be an absolute bargain since almost anyone can afford it.