White Label App Reseller Guide – Make Money At Home

Thinking of starting an online business? Ever thought about white labeling? Take a look at this white label app reseller guide to get you started.

White Label App Reseller Guide

With an estimated 3 billion people worldwide currently using a smartphone, there’s no better time to start a mobile or app-related business. One particular business idea that has real potential for success is making and selling apps. 


Before you count yourself out and click off this article, you don’t need to know anything about coding, software development or testing to be able to make your own apps. You just need the right platform to work from, the enthusiasm to persevere, and the right marketing tools to hand – no skills required. 


Making your own white label apps


The easiest way to make your own white label apps for selling on is to use a white label app builder. This tool allows you to create a diverse range of apps for all manner of businesses using a simple drag and drop function.


Many app building platforms offer their support for getting started as a white label app reseller. Not only do they provide the tools you need for creating apps, including the templates, color schemes, and customizable on-screen features, they’ll also provide one-on-one training for the actual reselling process. Some app building platforms even offer their own sales and marketing materials to help you successfully set up your business and bring in customers. 


What white label apps should I make?


Your best shot at success in selling your white label apps is to start varied, and slowly move into a particular niche if you get a good response from the area. Popular apps for business today include ordering apps for pubs and bars, customer loyalty apps like punch card apps, apps for nightclubs, and food delivery apps. They’re all as simple to make as the other, so it’s really about personal preference – and what you think you will be able to sell the easiest. 


Marketing your white label apps


The whole point of producing your apps is to sell them, so it makes sense that you’ll need to focus just as much on sales as you would the actual app creation process.


The best way to sell white label apps is to create your own website and social media profiles, as you would with any business. You may need to invest money into making your website look as engaging as possible, and to help it to reach your target audience. This should pay off in the end, providing you have a solid marketing strategy in place. 


If you need support in starting up your business, aside from seeking advice and help from representatives at your app building tool, you could also look for someone who has seen success from starting up their own app building business. You should find that the majority of people are happy to share tips and tricks for a successful start-up with you, especially as they’ll know how daunting it can feel to be in your shoes. Try searching on Facebook for groups for white label app sellers, and absorb all the guidance and information you can get your hands on.