10 White Hat Link Building Goals of an Effective Strategy

What white hat link building goals should you be expecting to achieve by using this SEO strategy to gain visibility to your website and pages?


White Hat Link Building Goals

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When we talk about SEO, link building is the primary off-page factor for driving authority and rankings. As you may or may not know there are many ways to approach link building. White hat link building is the approved and ethical way of boosting site traffic via links. It’s an alternative to unethical black hat SEO strategies such as buying links and spamming.


Unlike black hat strategies, white hat methods are search engine approved, making your site rank higher on search engines and search engine result pages (SERPs) without repercussions.

Why is White Hat Link Building Crucial?


In the world of SEO, white hat link building is often thought of as a boring, ethical option. However, being dull doesn’t mean that it isn’t practical. 


White hat link building is vital to help you develop a sustainable, long-term SEO strategy in the long run.

Ethical link building is the process of acquiring backlinks for your site without violating Google’s guidelines. It can be done in several ways, such as Why Guest Blogging Should Be Part Of Your Link Building New Windowguest blogging or submitting website content to directories and other sites. Ethical link building is not considered a risky practice because it uses white hat techniques.

What makes ethical organic link building different from other types?

  • Ethical organic link builders create high-quality links that aren’t spammy or blacklisted by Google.
  • Organic backlinks from white hat link building are highly valued by Google and other search engines.
  • It does not include blacklisted or spammy practices such as buying links, participating in paid blog networks, and using automated software.
  • You won’t get Searchmanual actions from Google if you practice ethical organic link building.

An organic backlink is one of the most important backlinks that you can get for your website. It’s a vote of confidence from other websites, telling Google that your site is a valuable resource. Ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) with ethical organic backlinks is easier because these links are more trusted by Google.


Now here are some of the advantages of using white hat link building:


1. Helps You Rank Higher in SERPs

One fo the primary white hat link building goals is to optimize your site for search engines through Google’s guidelines. The process includes building your site with excellent user experience and high-quality content, and one of its best practices includes link-building.


If done well, it allows you to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs,) which drives more traffic to your site. Aside from helping you rank higher, it also helps you build credibility and trust in Google’s eyes.


Thus, you’re more likely to get more clicks from users who are genuinely interested in what you’re offering. While implementing this White Hat SEO tactic takes considerable time and effort, it provides long-lasting benefits.


Let’s say you’re an eCommerce start-up competing with a much bigger site to rank for the exact keywords. If the competitor site has more high-authority links than yours, then you’ll find yourself struggling to rank high on SERPs as your competitor, especially if your site has the same quality content.


Meanwhile, with White Hat SEO tactics like building content based on high-quality links and unique keywords on your site, you can potentially level up the playing field, surpassing your competitors on particular results on search engines. Aside from that, your link-building efforts will also lead to more leads and traffic to your site, which will mean more sales and revenue for your small business.


2. You can Get High-Quality Backlinks

Another advantage of white hat link building is to help you boost your search engine rankings and improve organic traffic. 

You can use manual blogger outreach to secure in-content links for clients. 


3. It Can Support Your Internal Linking


You may have heard about internal linking– another crucial factor besides backlinks. Internal links help search engines crawl and then index your site content. The better structured your internal linking is, the easier it will be for bots to index your site. 


When search engine crawlers are doing this procedure, they also note how much authority each of your web pages has. Just like your site’s authority which is determined by domain ranking, your URL rating (UR) is primarily determined by how many high-quality links a webpage has, which points it to other high-authority sites. 

Now, this is where link juice or link equity comes in. This term describes the value of an external or internal link that passes on another webpage. The idea here is that it’s like an endorsement or a vote for a page, giving it some authority.


Thus, the higher the UR of an internal page, which is determined mainly by its backlink profile, the more link equity it will pass to other internal pages. The “link juice” is crucial for the search engine ranking for your web page, along with its ability to gain more visitors.


4. Builds Authority and Credibility

Domain authority and domain rating are both site metrics which is utilized by SEO tools such as Ahrefs, Moz, and Semrush, representing the degree of trust the domain has in the search engine. 


It’s primarily determined by evaluating the quantity and quality of a site’s backlinks, which is also referred to as the backlink profile. So, the more high-quality backlinks you have to more authoritative and credible your site is. 


5. Drives More Traffic To Your Website

Aside from making you rank higher on SERP, white hat, strategies will also help you boost your site traffic. This is because you choose a network of sites that directs audiences to your site when you build high-quality links. 


These websites will transfer their audiences and authority to you when recognized as reliable sources. That way, when Google notices, SERPs will reflect that. A more increased spot on SERP means better site exposure, improved traffic, and expanding reach. 


6. Helps Save Money


While black hat SEO results are relatively quicker, it also uses more resources than the white hat method. 


With white hat tactics, you’ll need less money and more time since search engines don’t have to update the security parameters regularly. So, think of this strategy as a long-term investment. 


7. Improves Your Relationships With Other Sites

In a lot of cases, you need to reach out to other site owners and content managers requesting to ask for links. Outreach is a fantastic opportunity to network and contribute to other people’s sites with guest blogs. You can continue building your white-hat linking strategies with these new relationships. 


Let’s say you have a great relationship with the manager or owner of a prominent website. They’ll be more than willing to feature you on their site or link your content. In turn, this improves your reputation, and you’ll rank better on SERPs. For instance, if you want to write a guest post about technology, you can look for technology write for us opportunities. 


8. It Can Assist in Building your Brand

White hat link building also lets you build your brand at the same time, your site authority. Because Google utilizes backlinks to signal that your site’s content is high-quality and relevant, this signals to Google that you’re an authority in your field. 


The more authority you have, the more you’ll rank for keywords related to your niche. Moreover, white hat tactics help you build trust with Google, enabling you to build trust with your audience and prospects. Aside from that, these links offer third-party credibility. 


9. Boosts Your Reputation

Establishing yourself in the industry takes time, resources, and hard work to succeed. That’s why you must use ethical business-building strategies. Since you’ll be using legit tactics, this also enhances the longevity and value of your site. 


On the other hand, unethical link-building strategies can hurt your online traffic, eliminating revenue streams. 


10. Increases Consumer Satisfaction

Search results will reward you for utilizing white-hat link-building tactics. This is one of the rewards search engines provide for an excellent user experience. 


People will leave and visit other sites if your site could be faster or better designed, making it incredibly hard for them to get the information they need. Moreover, consumer experience will gradually improve as you enhance your site and build links. 


Over to You

While black hat tactics can be tempting since the results are relatively quicker and need less work, white hat methods are your best option if you want a long-term strategy without the risk. 


Building links ethically needs a lot of time and effort on your part. However, white hat link building is what will help you actually achieve your goals and give you better results.