What Exactly Do Public Relations Managers Do?

Someone told you that you need to hire a good PR person, well, ok, but what exactly to public relations managers do?

What Exactly Do Public Relations Managers Do?

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Public relations managers help brands work on their public image. But what happens beneath the surface?

Let’s take a deeper look into the job description of a Public relations manager. 

According to their job descriptions,  public relations managers take care of planning, strategizing, and inculcation of actions that will somehow benefit the client’s image. While this may summarize the definition, there is a lot more that goes on behind the curtains. 

Job Description 

A Public relations manager either heads a complete PR firm or takes over the PR operations of an organization. Either way, they are responsible for leading teams and coordinating with them to develop different public relations strategies that promote the image of the company that it wants the audience to perceive. 

What do public relations managers do going beyond the general description?


Planning Campaigns 

A public relations strategy is all about the right campaign. As a manager, it is their responsibility to come up with the most effective approach. That includes connecting with advertising agencies and other marketers to strategize the campaign. There can be several things in a campaign. For instance, your client might have to make a public appearance, so as a PR manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that everything goes on smoothly. You might have to prepare them to face the media and even oversee the writing. 

In addition, you might have to take notice of all the details such as costs, deadlines, and backup plans. As a manager, it is your responsibility to pitch \ campaign ideas to the company owners and get their approval before you start doing anything. 


Handling Crisis

There are good days, and there are bad days when it comes to the publicity of your client. There may come days when your client is being propagated against or other similar issues. Whatever the case, it is your responsibility as a PR manager to focus on handling any negative press or crisis. You will have to fix any damages to your company’s reputation and to do that you might have to come up with different strategies. 

Handing a crisis is vital for PR managers as the situation in most cases is already volatile, and even a single move can make things worse. Immediate response to problems is expected of public relations managers. Clients fall back on their public relations managers to develop solutions that can help save the clients’ reputations. 

Creating Promotional Material 

To promote a service or a brand, a PR agency needs material. While the managers are not required to develop the materials on their own, they are still needed to manage the team responsible for content creation. The content might include speeches, press releases, and perhaps even newsletters and often times must coordinate with a creative design agency for deliverables. The product of this content is the responsibility of the PR agency and the content produced should be accurate and in accordance with what the company wants to publish. 

The creation of promotional material is very important as it is the medium through which the audience will be able to perceive the client’s image. 

Planning Physical Events 

A public relations manager has to come up with physical events that add value to the image of a company or an organization. They need to make the most of the opportunity and make their client participate in events that will help them highlight their business in the media. 

Publicizing events and activities is very beneficial for the image building of any brand. They increase the visibility of the company and the general public or targeted audience starts recognizing them. The PR manager is responsible to keep an eye out for any social gathering their client could benefit from and might even have to put together an even solely for your brand. 

To plan these events, the manager has to come up with a pitch that is inclusive of all details and is convincing enough to appeal to the requirements of the client. Making all the arrangements for the event in question is also the responsibility of the PR manager. That may include decorations, food, and sponsors. 

Keeping Track Of PR Budget 

Every PR manager is allotted a budget that they have to follow to ensure that the company does not go beyond its budget. No matter the budget, it is your responsibility as a PR manager to perform all your activities within the allotted budget. They must plan their activities according to the budget so that they face no problems later on.

Keeping Track Of Client Activities 

Knowing what your client or what the company is doing at all times is critical. If you keep track of all your client’s actions, you will be able to control all the different campaigns. For instance, if a client makes a mistake, you will know it immediately, and you can devise a plan to deal with the damages as soon as possible. 

The immediate response can help prevent things from getting worse. Sure, there will be several instances where you might see an opportunity to market, which will ultimately improve your brand’s image 

Working According to Company Rules

One of the best Public relations firms in Chicago said, you must invest in first learning all the rules and regulations of the company. This will help prevent any problems that might surface later on. Everything that you do you must be according to the company’s rules. There might be reasons why they set the rules in the first place. 


Whether you’re trying to figure out if you need to hire a PR person or you’re interested in PR as a career — hopefully this post has answered the question, What exactly do public relations managers do for you.

These are the responsibilities of Public Relations managers; it may sound exhausting when in reality, it is a thrilling job that feeds into the passion of many people.