We’ve spent a lot of time over the years building our company, our content and our clients. I suppose it should be flattering when some jack-wad comes along and copies several pages of our website and uses the content as their own, but mostly it just irritates me. Probably more so lately than usual since it’s happened three separate times so far this month.

Since all three of you were so lazy that you couldn’t even bother to remove our phone number or site links here’s a helpful tip to content hijackers. . . READ WHAT YOU’RE COPYING!

Your laziness would be funny to me if we actually got any traffic or calls from your mistakes, but since we don’t I can only assume that your websites are buried somewhere between page 100 and the dark side of the moon. It must instill a lot of confidence in your business when your “potential” clients try to call and get us or visit your website, click on a link and then come to our site. Sorry, assuming you actually had people come to your site. Here, I’ll even give you a link back to your site – maybe send some people your way. They should be impressed by the high quality design – just kidding.

Your laziness is pretty shocking. Removing our company name and leaving extra blank spaces where a name should go? Can you read? The sentence isn’t even complete. Delilahconcepts, the most recent content hijacker was a little less pathetic, you at least put your own business name instead of ours. Hey Sandy Cole and Shirley Stokes, when you say, “in order to provide you with an excellent design solution, we make sure that you have a complete understanding of our graphic design process”, do you actually mean Pixel Productions graphic design process. Do you know what our design process is?

So, Delilahconcepts.com, how did we find out that you copied content from our website? Unlike you, we actually are a website design company and we’re good at what we do. Part of being good at web design and website marketing includes having our own, and I must say pretty frickin sophisticated analytics program, called ProStats. Maybe I can interest you in it – could really help you. ProStats would have quickly pointed out all the instances that people left your site on links that took them to ours.

I see that your site is only 12 days old – off to a pretty good start. I’m sure when you start learning about website marketing, seo and how to get an online presence, you’ll see that copying content isn’t such a good idea. Have you heard of Google? They’re kind of big in online search. They seem to have some pretty strong opinions about duplicate content and they’ve been “Google Slapping” websites out of their search results like crazy over the past year.

At any rate, we at Pixel would like to congratulate you on making it to our “Wall of Shame”.
Delilahconcepts you have joined Rendered Graphic Design on the Wall of Shame for content copying.