What Types of Website Templates Get the Most Traffic?

Website templates don’t have to be generic, learning to customize website templates can make ongoing management far easier while still driving the most traffic.

What Types of Website Templates That Get the Most Traffic

Ever wondered what it takes to build a website that can get the most traffic?

Is it possible to use a website template that suits your company and drive traffic?


The short answer is YES. The key is using website templates with your own personalized messaging.

This is a little bit easier than it sounds, especially since there are so many paid and free templates available that can make the entire process a bit overwhelming.

Having a well-designed website is what enables you to have an impactful presence in the digital world. Having a well-structured website that looks like a template — not so much. Since your website is what represents your company and helps you become credible in the world of digital marketing – it only makes sense to understand how to use website templates to your advantage. 

Hashtag Studio, branding agency Dubai recently stated that their clients find it hard to get a perfectly designed website; however the additional flexibility of using customized paid or even free templates exceed customer expectations.  

There are various factors that should be consider when selecting the right type of template for your website.

Here is what to look for in a website template to get the most traffic:

Keeping it Simple:

The digital marketing culture has changed dramatically over the years. Remember when websites were designed in flash and people were fond of seeing fancy features, a lot of animation, auto playing videos on the website. It didn’t take too long for business owners and website marketers to discover that this was a massive inconvenience to their viewers. 

Customers prefer websites that are clean, simple and easy to use. Therefore, keep it as simple and intuitive as possible, because the customer journey is all that matters in terms of conversions. 

The better the user experience the more traffic you are likely to get. 

Well, how can a website template help you with that? The answer is pretty easily.  We’re trained by professionals that custom, and personal experiences are what sets your website apart. This is exactly true, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get their with a website template. There are literally hundreds of premium and free website themes and page templates designed for speed, responsiveness, user experience and click through. Using one of these themes puts you money ahead leaving you with a much simpler task of personalizing messaging to fit a format that is already dialed in.

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Niche Specific:

Creating websites has never been easier. You don’t need to be an expert developer to be able to create a website. Rather you can easily choose a template and can customize it as per your need. 

The website templates are often categorized based on the niche of the website. For example, if you are creating a website for a clothing brand, then you can choose some funky and visually appealing templates. 

Likewise, you can choose from a variety of niche-specific templates as per your company’s requirements. Either it is related to technology, loyalty management platform provider, fashion, travel, marketing, or any other, you can find templates for them all conveniently. 

The Ease of Customization:

Depending upon the type of CMS that you are using, the ease of customization that templates allow may vary. Make sure to choose the type of template that can be customized to make the user experience better. Websites need regular upgrades and modifications, having templates that have ample room for customization can ease this task to a greater extent. 

Browser Compatibility:

No matter how well-designed a website is, or fascinating visuals have you used, it is of no use if your website template is not compatible with the popular browsers. If you are opting for newly launched templates, then you must ensure the fact that they can give a seamless user experience to every user no matter what browser is being used to access the website.  

Mobile-Friendly Templates:

You will hardly see anyone using their laptops to shop online particularly. These days people use their phones for almost every purpose. The number of users accessing your website from phones is way greater than those accessing from desktops. 

Therefore, your website’s template has to be mobile friendly. To do so, take demos before launching your website to ensure that it is user-friendly for every kind of user. 

SEO-Friendly Templates:

The content and the visuals of your website go hand in hand with the SEO techniques, it amalgamations of both the latter and the former that helps in getting more traffic for your website. SEO friendly templates are those that are easy to use, allow seamless navigation to the users, and are loaded easily. Make sure to select such templates. Moreover, do not choose separate templates for each category because that might be annoying for the users. 


There are a whole bunch of factors and features that you have to keep in mind to choose the right type of template for your website. Since the sole purpose of creating a website is to generate more traffic, have an impactful digital presence and to create brand awareness, therefore, that all can be done by investing in choosing the good-quality and user-friendly templates.