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Looking for Social Media Marketing Services?

Our social media app is Designed to deliver the perfect amount of social content, at just the right frequency.

Have you considered using social media to promote your business?

What’s the one thing that’s been holding you back? I’ll bet it’s time…
Like most busy businesses you probably can’t find the time to actively promote your business via social media.

[bctt tweet=”According to Forbes, over half of Entrepreneurs spend over 6 to 10 hours a week on social media marketing.” username=”Pixel_Pro”]

If you value your time at $65 per hour – that’s a whopping $650 per week!

Of the same people polled, the overwhelming majority wanted to spend less time on social media. Why could this be? Well, aside from finding time away from the 100’s of other essential aspects of running a business, one of the biggest problems facing entrepreneurs is the struggle to find or create quality content to share on social media platforms. *In the 6-10 hours quoted above, the time it took to source good content to share wasn’t included.

Fact: Social Media Marketing is a Drain on Small Businesses

Social media marketing for busy businesses just like yours can be a drain on all other aspects of running a profitable business.
But it doesn’t have to be…

Of all of the best social media apps available; which one would really benefit your business?

If there was an app that provided social media marketing services for your business that guaranteed your social media feeds would remain active and interesting, providing promotional and useful information about your company; how much would you pay for it?

Would you pay $169 a month for quality, engaging posts every single day, multiple times a day?

You could! We’ve spent thousands of hours building relationships with writers and social media strategists to bring this social media marketing app to you.

Why would you want it? It’s going to automate social media marketing services for your business – totally hands-off scheduled social media posting every day!

Best of All — You Can Always Use Our Social Media Management Platform FREE!

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What Kind of Time Can You Allocate to Social Media?

You know it’s important, you don’t have the time and your competitors are already outsourcing their social media marketing services – What should you do?

social media marketing time allocation

According to Sprout Social, this is how you should be allocating your time to social media marketing.

[bctt tweet=”25% of Time for Researching and Planning Strategy” username=”Pixel_Pro”] [bctt tweet=”20% of Time for Creating and Curating Content” username=”Pixel_Pro”] [bctt tweet=”35% of Time for Engaging with Customers” username=”Pixel_Pro”]

This is really starting to add up…

Even without our Social Media Marketing Services, you can use our FREE social media management platform to get content ideas, manage your different social media accounts and measure results all in one place.

How Can you Begin Social Media Marketing?

We know the hurdles small businesses have and you don’t have to waste money to compete!

You already know that without some form of social media marketing services, your inbound traffic is limited to people already familiar with your brand or individuals searching for keywords you currently rank for.

It seems foolish not to be taking advantage of a social media presence.

Every social media profile you add is another path leading back to your site, and every piece of content you syndicate on those profiles is another opportunity for a new visitor. A good social media stream has also been shown to improve the conversion rate of existing visitors to your website, as they will take your busy social content into account when judging your competence and professionalism.

Creating & Sourcing Content Will Always Be Your Biggest Hurdle

Most small businesses don’t have the time to generate original content for your brand: tweets, Facebook Posts, blog posts, unique images, etc. Make no mistake… this is something that should take some time too, since recovering from a bad social media post is no easy task.

[bctt tweet=”One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make is posting nothing but their own content.” username=”Pixel_Pro”]

It won’t take long for people to get tired of reading nothing but self-promotional content. That’s not limited to just your customers either; the social networks themselves will get sick of it networks like Facebook, will really start limiting your social reach. In order to avoid those penalties, you need to be posting more content from different sources.

Or, you could take a look at our social media marketing App. You can demo it for FREE. You can create an account for FREEno hassle, no pressure.

If you decide to give our social media marketing services App a try, because it will save you time and money, so that you can focus on the other aspects of running your business, that’s great!

You’re social media marketing worries are about to end. Our App has a business profiler that will only take a few minutes (one time) that you complete. This will be important information for our social media marketing team to understand your core sales messages. We will then add into the mix relevant and interesting hints, tips, facts and trivia to put the fun into your social media pages. 

Oh ya, we also include LOTS of links back to your website and relevant hashtags to encourage new followers. We can even post professionally edited images that make your social feeds look awesome and attract more attention.

Did you Know?

The chances are your competitors are already involved on social media, which means your potential social media traffic and conversions are being poached.

social media marketing services

Almost all social networkers use Facebook. In fact, as of September 2013, 71% of adults using the internet use Facebook.

Average Twitter users spend three hours per month on Twitter and since it began over 300 billion tweets have been sent.

More than 2 business users sign-up for LinkedIn every second.

Are Our Social Media Marketing Services for You?

Let’s break down the services and costs benefits of this social media App.

You won’t find a more effective or Affordable Solution.

Pixel Social Media Marketing Services – Save hours of time while creating engagement, likes, & success.

Single Platform


Any Two Platforms


All Three Platforms


Test Drive Our Social Media App.

Manage and Track all of your Social Media Marketing in One Place.

  • An in-depth social profile
  • Branded control panel
  • Edit, delete or create content
  • Social statistics
  • Schedule directly from RSS feeds
  • Easy to follow beginners tour

Screenshots of the Dashboard.

See Stats, View & Schedule Posts, Get Awesome Social Media Marketing Tips!

track your social media marketing Social Media App Dashboard

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