The key to successful SEO is building authority backlinks to your website in a natural manner.

Quality guest post backlinks are still the best method of contextual link building because our guest posts focus on content and niche relevant placement above all else.

Why is this important to your seo and link building strategy?

  • Because you want Increase brand awareness.
  • Because you want to increase site traffic.
  • Because you want to increase your site authority.
  • Because you wish to improve ROI on add dollars spent.

It’s easy to waste dollars advertising without a strategy, an effective guest post placement strategy will allow you to target your audience based on things like age, gender, hobbies, web-surfing behaviors, geographic location, time of day and a whole bunch of other information that will allow you to filter through only those prospects who are likely to buy your products or services.

With us, you’re NOT buying links, your buying content to build your brand naturally.
We take the time to research your business, industry and then reach out to well-trafficked blogs and websites to begin negotiating timely posts for their viewers on your behalf. Building contextual links to your website is an added benefit that Google loves which helps move your web pages up in search rankings.

2 Guest Posts

Reoccurring Monthly

5 Guest Posts

Reoccurring Monthly

10 Guest Posts

Reoccurring Monthly

Once a post has been published we will provide you with the final url. Reporting time is typically 15 business days, unless you are ordering 10 or more posts per month in which case it will be 4-6 weeks.

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What are Local Business Citations and do you need them?

Regardless of what you might automatically assume, a citation isn’t a bad thing. It is not like getting a speeding ticket but rather it’s a way of improving your brand image. This gives your website and your company, the attention they deserve. Citations can be defined as those instances wherein your business name, address, phone number, or brand are referred to on another webpage.

It’s important to remember that although citations can be useful, not all citations are created equal. There is a significant amount of variation between the values of different citations presented by different websites.

If you need help getting your business on the map by creating business citations we have a service that will make this very easy for you.

50 Citations

$19900one time

75 Citations

$25500one time

100 Citations

$33500one time


Why Do Citations Matter?

Citations are a key factor in local search rankings. Citation related factors make up 25% of the top twenty factors in David Mihm’s Local Search Ranking Factors.

We Only Build Full Citations:

It can include a link or not include a link, but a full citation includes Business Name, Business Address, and Phone. Anything less than all 3 is a partial citation.

Live Citations:

Four Square

Merchant Circle

Insider Pages




City Squares


What is Re-Marketing

Through media placement you can also take advantage of something called re-markeing. Re-marketing allows you to improve conversions by targeting those who have already shown interest in your site by visiting. Remarketing is still a relatively new, but rapidly growing online advertising strategy designed specifically to increase the number of conversions for any website. For many websites, up to 98% visitors will leave the site without purchasing anything. That’s a whole lot of lost sales. Remarketing targets those people by continually showing them your advertisements on other sites they visit. This helps stretch your ad dollars all while improving your conversions by keeping your company in the forefront of the potential customer’s mind.

Strategic Media Placement is part of your overall campaign strategy

Media placement is a key component of your online marketing strategy, not a stand-alone service. The reason banner ads got a bad rap in the first place is because many people tend to dabble in advertising methods which usually results in poor site traffic and even worse sales and conversions. You’ll see this dabbling topic come up throughout our website, we at Pixel, believe you should have a well-rounded online marketing campaign and the right media placement strategy is a part of that.

The strategy part of this ties directly into creating a successful brand online. It all comes back to knowing who you are as a business, having a message that speaks to your community and know where to put that message.