7 Creative Ways to Incorporate Branding in Corporate Events

Understand the ways to incorporate branding into all aspects of your business including corporate events for customer reach and recall.

Incorporate Branding

Corporate events are a great opportunity to build your brand. When done right, these events can help you create strong brand awareness and positive associations in the minds of your consumers and business partners. 

A study done by the University of Loyola demonstrated how a recognizable signature color can increase brand awareness by a jaw-dropping 80%! This study confirms how important brand identity is when it comes to building a successful and recognizable business.

Start with the basics: brand style guidelines

Great branding is essential for success, whether you run a family-owned pastry shop or a skincare business. A set of brand rules regarding color palette, fonts, graphics, and tone of voice will ensure consistency and help reinforce your business identity in the minds of consumers.

If you don’t have brand style guidance it’s time to come up with your own rulebook that explains how your organization presents itself through its color selections, typography, imagery, logo, tone of voice, and more. This is a powerful tool that will help you maintain consistency in how your brand looks, feels, and sounds! Now, let’s take a closer look at seven creative ways to incorporate branding in corporate events! 

Create and leverage photo zones

Creating several photo zones across your venue is a great way to turn your guests into your brand ambassadors. Add your brand message, logo, banners, or other elements and when your attendees share their selfies and group photos on social media they will boost your company’s online visibility.

Photo booths and other photo zones are suitable for any corporate event type, and they are awesome ice-breakers too! Maximizing photo opportunities is a natural way to promote your brand, so make the most of it! You can take this strategy up a notch and hire your own photographer. Don’t forget to make your hashtag and company’s handle easily visible so your employees, customers, and associates can tag you! 

Don’t forget about online branding 

We live in the digital era, so it’s important to pay attention to online branding as well and combine it with offline marketing tactics. And of course, given the current circumstances and the ongoing pandemic, some of the events will take place online only, so you need to implement effective online branding tactics.

The digital environment is dominant nowadays, so the first touchpoint your potential attendee will have with your event is your social media page or your website. If you are going with the event website, be mindful of the logos, colors, and fonts, and of course the theme of the occasion. Your goal is to capture the attendee’s attention and highlight your branding without overdoing it. 

Customize your event with light up letters 

Australia is leading the way and setting an example of how business events can contribute to the country’s economy. Their capabilities in event delivery resulted in developing trade and investment relationships and repeat visits to this country. So what can we learn from the Australian event industry when it comes to corporate events? You have to think outside the box and make your event special. 

What’s better in achieving that than your illuminated brand name? Light up letters can be the perfect finishing touch to your corporate event, and your brand name in lights is an amazing way to enhance your brand awareness and stand out from your competitors. Hire light up letters in Sydney and impress your guests with a sensational focal point to your corporate event that will stick in your guests’ minds for years to come! They are the perfect backdrop and a photo opportunity too! 

Choose your colors carefully

The color scheme is an important brand identifier that makes your business recognizable in an instant. It’s so important that we are able to identify big brands from a distance, even when we lack all of the details. Just imagine a green circle with white letters and black color in the middle. It won’t take you long to figure out it’s the logo of Starbucks. 

The color palette has a profound psychological impact on your guests and the power to enhance the overall look and feel of the event. Take advantage of this and use your brand colors wherever possible. Colored lights, linens, flower arrangements, the opportunities are endless! Be creative and try out different solutions until the venue looks like a branded product. 

Weave your brand colors into a table design

The table design is a wise way to incorporate your brand colors in a subtle, yet effective way. For example, you can accentuate the table with interesting centerpieces and glassware that match your brand’s colors. Floral arrangements in certain colors can also help you solidify your brand in your attendees’ minds. Together with washes of light spilling across the table, it’s an effective way to utilize beautiful decoration to convey your brand message. 

Build an event hashtag

Hashtags are a great way to expand your social media reach and spark conversation among hundreds or thousands of people without them ever knowing each other. It’s also an effective way to generate pre-event hype and build anticipation. 

So, if you want your branded event to be real in the digital world and get more online attention, you need a memorable hashtag. Start with creating a marketing plan for your event, and make a hashtag a part of it.  Take some time to conceive something unique and memorable. Once you’ve crafted your hashtag, it’s time to connect your social media pages to it and spread the word! And don’t forget to invite your followers to contribute with their own content. 

Brand the dance floor too! 

If your corporate event includes a cocktail party and dancing, why not use the dance floor to associate your brand with fun and happiness? A splashy design element with your company’s logo is a nice touch, and it’s sure to stick in your guests’ minds for a long time!

And again: your attendees will take photos of themselves having fun on the dance floor, so they’ll act as brand advocates sharing photos with your logo on their social media! It’s a win-win!