Top Ways To Grow & Expand Your Business For 2022

Finding it hard to expand your business right now? This post highlights the best ways to grow your business for 2022.

Grow & Expand Your Business

Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash

The last two years have been difficult, to say the very least, for businesses across a wide plethora of industries due to the unforeseen worldwide coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown. 

Whether you are the business manager or owner of a small, family run company or the boss of a larger, national corporation, every business is always looking towards their future shelf life and effective ways to grow and expand. 

Businesses are facing difficulties like never before; supply chain shortages and employment challenges are changing how businesses operate. This post will highlight some of the top ways to grow and expand your business for 2022. 


Maximize & Streamline Your Social Media Strategies


Social media plays a hugely significant role in the overall success, scope and reach of an individual business’s marketing strategy. To neglect this, therefore, would be to severely limit (to the detriment of the company) the possible gains to be made from correctly managed social media platforms. 

Whether you can afford and indeed, choose, to hire a specific social media manager, within your business employee framework, or you nominate certain key team members to run your social media together, it is vital to ensure each of your channels are consistent with content, tone and media. 


Outsource Your I.T. Solutions


There is a wide plethora of huge and impressive advantages to outsourcing your I.T. management, most of which will directly result in the growth and expansion of your business model. 

Benefits to outsourcing your I.T. to a professional, reputable, knowledgeable and experienced I.T. specialist company are numerous and include, but are in no way limited to:

  • Legal requirements and parameters are adhered to automatically
  • Various pools of different specialist expertise from which to draw from
  • GDPR adhered to automatically 
  • One contact accessible 24/7 for all your I.T needs
  • Up to date and consistently re-trained staff
  • An objective and impersonal perspective of your business, which is one of the most valuable benefits of all
  • Fast and effective recovery and repair after I.T. system breakdown, malfunction or security breach 
  • Cheaper equipment upgrades and quicker acquisition of latest business packages 


Thoroughly Research & Compare To Your Industry Competitors


Understanding your competitors is one of the best ways to expand your business under any conditions. It can be hard to break long-held traditions and modus operandi that made your business what it is right now. However, evolution of business practices and even your fundamental business model will never be as effective when you neglect to include attributes and elements of successful competitors. 

Competitor’s analysis will help give you an accurate awareness of where you stand in the market and the gap between you and the current leading company in your field. There are also a host of other benefits to thoroughly analyzing, engaging and networking other companies in your market and even, where mutually beneficial, joining forces with a certain campaign or marketing strategy. 

Benefits of engaging in competitor analysis include:

  • The development of your own unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Improving your relationship with customers through enhanced customer service
  • Accurately ascertaining the level of which your current advertising strategies are working
  • The uptodate identification of specific marketing trends
  • Discovering ever-present and looming threats and issues within your software infrastructure 


Educate and Educate Your Employees


Obviously, it will certainly not be a surprise for you to learn that the more engaged and enthusiastic each individual employee is in terms of the products or services you sell, the naturally more successful they will be at encouraging potential customers to commit. 

Conversely then, if your employees are not kept abreast about the latest business news, pertaining both to your specific company as well as current trends in the market, it is impossible to expect the level of commitment and energy that your business both deserves and needs. 

There is a plethora of fantastic courses and online educational meetings that are organized by third-party, independent companies who have a wealth of relevant industry information at their proverbial fingertips. Enrolling certain employees on specific courses that directly relate to their individual job role within your company will not only improve their knowledge, thus their productivity, but will also show them you value their input by investing in them and their future. 

By nurturing and investing in the people who work for you brings you a host of impressive benefits, not least the reduced risk of them leaving for a rival company because they feel they are no longer being challenged within your current business model. When a company experiences a high level of employee turnover, the cost of replacing each employee can be genuinely astronomical, especially if the recruitment process requires you to hire externally. 

When prospective candidates who are looking to join a more innovative and progressive team, the knowledge that you provide on-site training for your workers will certainly be enticing. Additionally, when you properly equip your workforce to think for themselves, you will avoid micro-managing them and instead encourage them to push themselves and thus your company, forward. 


Invest More Time & Energy Into Your Customers


Undeniably, the backbone of every business is the regular and loyal customers base as well as potential new customers waiting just around the corner.

The clearer your overview of your core customer base, the better equipped you will be to adequately provide for, maintain and exceed customer expectations and continuously improve your customer service. 

When considering how to improve the customer service level of your business, there are essentially five different elements to work on. One of the major segments of customer service is analyzing how a customer, potential or current, finds out basic answers to repeatedly asked questions. It is strongly advisable to have a centralized customer care section on your website as well as any paper literature (digitized), that contains uniformed information about the products, or services, you offer.

E-mail management solutions are far superior to the more traditional and, dare one say it, archaic desktop e-mail application and will more than halve the response times from you to your customers. An online chat, live or automated, is another fantastic way to improve your company’s customer levels and invest in improving your reputation.