Video Marketing: There’s Still Untapped Potential

Video marketing may not be the new kid on the block, but that doesn’t mean that your business can’t tap into a vast wealth of traffic using video marketing.


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Many solopreneurs and small business owners are familiar with the stats out there that validate video marketing’s effectiveness. But since video has been around for quite some time now, it can feel like it’s an exhausted medium. Sometimes it’s hard to escape the mentality of, “everyone has done it, so how can I benefit at this point?” But be careful not to fall prey to this way of thinking!

Even though video marketing isn’t the fanciest or shiniest new marketing tactic to try out, it’s been proven to be immensely valuable—and it won’t be going away anytime soon.

In fact, Cisco’s Visual Networking Index predicts that video traffic will account for 80 percent of all consumer traffic online by 2019.

So if you haven’t yet come aboard the video bandwagon, it might be high time to consider doing so. And if you’ve already given it a try or two, there’s always room for growth.

Here are a few ideas for using video in your marketing efforts in order to maximize results.

Don’t Over-analyze

If you haven’t incorporated videos into your marketing strategy yet, it could be that you fear the price tag that can accompany a camera crew and editing team (not to mention a marketing agency to create the storyline and direct the vision). But while all of these aspects can certainly come together to make powerful videos, these components can often be overkill for small businesses.

All you need to achieve your goals with video is access to a decent camera—and yes, a smartphone counts! Cameras on these phones are high-quality and can capture image and sound well enough for your purposes, at least initially. Think through the goal of your video first and then work backwards to figure out how to get a viewer to take action or consider the viewpoint you’d like them to. Some of the best videos are simple, with a single person speaking and relating to their audience in a conversational way. Try not to overthink it. As the saying goes, “done” is oftentimes better than “perfect.”

Useful in Surprising Ways

Next, think about incorporating video into areas people may not expect. Explainer videos are commonplace nowadays on business’ home pages, so maybe you could take a different path. If a customer sends you a complaint or compliment via social media, you have a perfect opportunity to record a short video response and answer them back in a visual, personal way. Videos can also be part of the application process for grants or award programs. Handcrafted Honeybee is an example of a company who uses video in creative ways, like to offer DIY tutorials, and experiences higher engagement and customer satisfaction in return.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Yes, it’s clear that many (or even most) businesses have used video in some way, shape or form in recent times. But that doesn’t mean every idea is trite. After all, you’ve never used the same application for your specific purposes so there will be some newness thanks to the unique nature of your business. It’s a great idea to use others as inspiration, rather than a source for direct replication.

To begin, take a look at a company who has used video effectively. If you’re looking to recruit more quality candidates for open positions, for instance, you might want to find a thriving business that has sought the same objective. Amway is a great example of a global brand that uses video in many ways, like in their video about the potential of a career with the company. Think about what works well in the video, like the time-lapse videography and the way in which attention is directed to important numbers. Then see if you can apply similar techniques to your own recruiting video. You don’t want to mirror everything you see another successful company do, but sometimes another video will give you just the inspiration you need to get creative with your own.

Whether you’ve started to embrace video marketing or had completely dismissed it as something that’s been overdone, it’s not too late to begin incorporating video into your marketing strategy for powerful results. Start small, be creative and look for inspiration wherever you can find it. That’s all you need to begin to tap into this ever-growing medium!