7 Tips for Creating Amazing Marketing Video Content With Your iPhone

Can you create great video content with your iPhone to use for marketing? Absolutely! Follow these 7 tips to create pro-quality video your iPhone.

Video Content With Your iPhone

Photo by Jan Kopřiva on Unsplash


In this day and age, video content steadily positions itself as one of the major driving forces in the digital marketing landscape. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering the fact that people are visual beings and that we convey most of our information in a visual manner.

Speaking in cold numbers, in a recent survey, 76% of marketing professionals stated that video content helped them increase sales while 86% of them reported increased website traffic.

However, it should be pointed out that popularity is not based exclusively on the inherent benefits of the format. The technology for creating top-tier marketing videos has become affordable as well. As a matter of fact, most video content you see out there can be produced with nothing more than a simple iPhone.

Let us take a look then at a couple of tips that will help you to push this versatile tool to its limits.

Use directional microphones

Phone cameras are advancing at a lightning speed making the border between professional shooting gear and smartphones evermore blurred. The area where the differences are the most noticeable, however, is definitely the sound department. You see, no matter whether you are shooting in a small resonant room or an open area with a lot of surrounding noise, your iPhone struggles to produce satisfying output. 

Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved with a simple directional microphone or even an iPhone Microphone Adapter that will allow you to hook up the professional gear and get even better results.

Nail down your video editing skills

There is a famous rumor that the original version of Star Wars: Episode IV was an incoherent, awkward mess before the movie was saved through the miracle of air-tight editing. Well, there is no way to know that for sure, but we are inclined to believe this one since editing can turn even the most subpar footage into appealing marketing material only as long as you know what you are doing. 

So, consider going through some of the most effective video editing tips before you actually start shooting. Also, keep in mind that additional takes will give you much more raw material to play with so no need to be frugal.

Make your video content social media friendly

Your content may have some specific purpose or intended audience in mind. However, the place where they are going to get the biggest exposure is the social media arena. So, while setting up your iPhone keep in mind you are making social media video content and that your videos will be watched on a small smartphone screen, and the things you are going to show need to pop up more. 

Also, feel free to use the traditional tricks for keeping the attention of the social media audience and open your video with some hook and exciting storytelling, keep the background simple and leverage available filters and animations.

Experiment with focus and different lenses

In one of the previous sections, we mentioned that the latest generations of Apple devices have truly stellar lenses. So if you’re currently looking to buy Apple iPhones online, this is precisely one of the features you should pay attention to. 

But, there are always ways to move this baseline performance even further. So, when you are recording try to keep the person in focus close to the lens – Apple’s algorithm will do a great job of blurring the background and making the video look appealing. 

Also, Apple offers a lot of add-on lenses that allow you to play with different focuses and rations and make output way more cinematic.

Try creating short animations

Animations are an excellent way to break up the pace of your videos and make the whole thing more interesting to watch. Fortunately, producing these small animated snippets doesn’t require too much time or effort. On the contrary, Apple’s native app store is stacked with different apps that will allow you to create truly amazing animations in under 10 minutes

Some of the most notable mentions include the likes of FlipaClip, Animation Desk, Stick Nodes, and  DigiCel FlipPad. All these options offer different pros and cons as well as different functionalities so it’s best to use them in combination with each other.

Learn how to set up good lighting

Relying on interior fixtures or natural light to provide an ideal shooting environment is not really feasible. To put it simply, these light sources are either too soft or produce an extreme contrast so the phone lenses have a very hard time making them look any good. 

If you want your videos to look cinematic and more presentable, you need to make lighting more purposeful and ideally invest in the basic equipment necessary for a 3-point lighting setup. If that is not possible, at least do your best to avoid overhead lights, harsh lights, and mixing color temperatures, as well as position the camera to accentuate shadows and the dark side of the face.

Get yourself a decent tripod

This one is not negotiable. Apple iPhones have pretty decent OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) capabilities. But, this technology is mostly made for still image shooting. As soon as you start making exterior footage you will see your videos turning into a shaking mess. 

So, if you are planning on taking your marketing efforts outside, be sure to have some sort of gimbal or tripod that will keep the device still and steady. Ideally, you should get one of the latest Gorillapod units that allow you to bend the legs and attach your phone to any surface available at the moment. If you get the unit with magnetic feet you are in for a treat.

Final comments

So, there you have it – the top seven tips that should help you to squeeze the best possible performance from your Apple iPhone device and use it to create some truly stellar and professional-looking marketing videos. 

Video content is currently in very high demand, and satisfying these growing needs requires quick production and on-the-go editing. Using your smartphone as your main shooting device moves both of these worries off the table.