Creating a Video Content Strategy to Grow Your Business Online

There is no better technique for educating, generating leads, and converting consumers than video, learn how to create a video content strategy to power your business here. 


Creating a Video Content StrategyPhoto by Jakob Owens on Unsplash


In 2022, 79% of marketers who are not utilizing video intend to construct a video content strategy. And 99% of those who now utilize video intend to do so more.


Brands require a video marketing plan; this is not a new thing. What has changed is the importance of video on every platform and channel. Video creation is now more affordable and accessible than ever before. 


Why is creating a video content strategy for your business important?


96% of respondents to a recent survey said they have watched videos to learn more about a company’s products or services. In that survey, 84% of participants said they made a purchase after watching one. Furthermore, 69% prefer video to reading, talking to a salesperson, or other means of learning about a product or service.


Video marketing not only gets your product in front of customers but also informs them about your company’s values and the people who work behind the scenes.

What is the significance of this? According to a survey on brand expectations, 82% of respondents would pay extra for items from a business with similar values, and 60% had purchased something because of a brand’s beliefs. 


How to grow your business with video


There are several ways to use video to grow your business, but there is no need to necessarily invest in professional-level equipment or services to get started. Your video should have a professional appearance, but you can do this with any camera you have, including the one on your phone.

You should also think about lighting. Again, you don’t need to put much money into this. If you don’t have a well-lit area, invest in a cheap lighting system or make use of natural light.


Plan ahead

It all starts with some preparation and research for your video marketing approach. Outline a few simple ideas, such as the setting, purpose, and unique value, to give your videos some direction.


Keep in mind that, while there are several running shoe videos available, your audience has yet to see one about your running shoes and what makes them unique.


Capture your viewer’s attention

Simply begin your video with an interesting fact or story before explaining to your audience what the video is about. Inform them of the problem you’ll be fixing if they keep on watching.


Stay on track

While your company has many amazing features, consumers are most likely watching your video for a specific purpose. Although you’re probably enthused about the subject, don’t wander too far off course with long stories or irrelevant explanations. Keep it brief and to the point.


Furthermore, avoid jargon as it might be a barrier, especially if your viewers are unfamiliar with the phrases you’re using.


Quality over quantity

As with any content, quality over quantity also matters with video. Creating lots of videos will be futile if no one watches them.


In the planning stage, you may prevent making dull videos by ensuring that each video has a defined goal and delivers something new. 


Consider video production services from Kosovo to assist you in creating unique video content for your marketing plan.


Less is more

Less is more is a solid rule to follow when it comes to video length and content. You only have a limited amount of time to capture your audience’s attention, so make your video brief and compelling. When creating a video to demonstrate how your product works, you may want to go into depth about a certain feature. Make a separate in-depth product video for anyone who might be interested.


When adding text, images, and other components, keep in mind that too many will distract your visitors from the content.


The rise of video marketing is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all businesses. As customers continue to prefer video over other types of entertainment, they want companies of all sizes and industries to communicate with them through video. Platforms are progressively favoring video content, and new devices such as phones and tablets are more video-ready than ever. That means you must fully utilize this incredible marketing tool in order to be successful. The longer you wait, the more customers you’ll lose.