7 Major Alternatives for Video Content Management

Is it worth looking beyond YouTube into alternative for video content management? When it comes to video you have options, let’s take a look at some.

Alternatives for Video Content Management

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Did you know that the first video uploaded on YouTube titled ‘meet me at the zoo’ garnered around 90 million? Well! That is not the point; the point is that the world has evolved, and we now use various platforms to manage, organize, and upload videos online.


The year 2020 saw a spike in video creation since most people were all on the internet trying to get over the boredom that accompanies the ‘sit at home’ and travel ban; this turned many to TikTokers, YouTubers, and other video content management platforms like Netflix experienced high subscription rate.


Video content management has taken a new turn with a spike in the number of content creators hence the need for alternatives.


Major Alternatives For Video Content Management

Video content is beyond entertainment, as many would think, as it is glaring that it is used for different purposes in the business world. For many HR that want to train their recruits, video content can be sent to them. Also, the company can use video to update executives of the company about meetings that they missed.


Not to forget that live streams also offer real-time collaboration between employees and make the issue of distance irrelevant.


1. Massive

Businesses that deal with lots of video content for communication and training might need additional video content management aside from the non-specialized one. With this, you can be sure of a fast and secure method of sending large files by integrating Massive with your video content management platforms.


Massive is undoubtedly reliable for sending large files amidst bad network coverage and multiple transfers at a time; it is your best go-to platform.


2. CMS Hub

This is best for developers and marketers, and it comes with a price tag of $25 to $1200 per month. With this video content management, you can easily record your screen and give detailed explanations of your services or answer your clients’ questions without any hassle.


CMS Hub also allows you to add a call to action to your video and also provide targeted content for your audience.


3. Panopto

Ideally made for online business owners and academic institutions, its basic plan is free and widely used because of its flexibility and ease of use. With Panopto, you can either integrate it with your existing content manager or use it alone.


It is known for indexing spoken words and visually presented words for the ease of its users. 


4. Microsoft Stream

This is ideally made from a mid-sized business and synonyms to users who use Microsoft apps. With Microsoft stream and its inbuilt transcription, users can easily skip to any part of the video they are interested in to grab the needed information quickly.


Trust Microsoft to bring its A-game to all their endeavors, depending on your subscription. You can move your videos from Microsoft stream to other apps where you need them.


5. Kaltura

Made for education institutions, their virtual classroom feature allows for educational entities looking to prioritize remote learning. Also, if you are considering a teaching job online, you can opt for Kaltura and teach remotely.


Kaltura can also be used by businesses with its meeting feature. You can connect with other entities worldwide with the live video feature.


6. IBM

Ideally for large businesses and very important when sharing live or pre-recorded videos with external parties. IBM offers protection to your videos and provides analytics that allows you to track your videos during live events.


IBM video content management utilizes the Watson system to auto-caption live videos providing accurate transcription throughout the video.


7. Zype

Another easy to use video content management which gives its users complete control over their videos; as a user, you have access to media import, backups, metadata control, transcoding, and playlist structuring. Zype offers you all.


To crown it, Zype offers its users unlimited cloud storage for all their videos so you can keep uploading and distributing either internally or externally.



Having trouble sharing your video content could be disastrous to your business, particularly if your business is video-oriented. What can a business that passes its messages through video do when they have issues with sharing their videos? Find the right video content management.


The six alternatives listed above will give your business a boost by sharing large files of video effortlessly.