UX Design vs UI Design What’s the Difference Anyway?

UX Design vs UI Design – What You Need to Know About How They Differ When it Comes to Marketing

UX Design vs UI Design

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UX Design vs UI Design, which one is more important?

Both of these segments are important in digital marketing. Without an attractive UX and UI design, it is not possible to achieve success in your online business.

In this post, Mansi Rana, Managing Director of EZ Rankings, will explore the main differences between UX and UI design. In addition, he will also cover the different approaches to designing each one. Here we will discuss the difference between UX and UI design. Along with this, we will talk about the importance of UX and UI design, because it matters when it comes to marketing your business. 


Never confuse user experience with the user interface.


Both of them are different from each other. Also, they have different impacts on your online business. These two aspects are directly related to search engine optimization (SEO). So if you want good results in SEO, then you must have to know more about UX Design vs UI Design. Without proper information, you cannot develop the right strategy for user interface and user experience.

Websites are working very hard for enhanced user experience and attractive user interfaces. With enhanced user experience it is very easy for every website to achieve success. Because these two basic things are building blocks of your complete digital marketing strategy.


UX Design

User experience or UX design is a subset of human-computer interaction, which aims to improve the computer’s usability and accessibility for users.

Usability specialists typically take a holistic approach to their work, focusing on how users interact with a product from the moment they encounter it until they forget about it completely. This means that designers often use a wide range of skill sets like psychology, cognitive science, graphic design and information architecture to determine what makes an effective interface.


Importance Of UX


User experience is the ability of a person to use software, website or product. The way that people interact with your product is what makes up its user experience. UX design is not about how an app looks or what colour to put. It’s about how the users interact with your product and what they expect from it.


What Do UX Designers Do?


A UX designer knows all about user experience. They make sure that your product is intuitive enough for the user so that they can use it without any difficulty. They are also responsible for making sure that there are no bugs in the system and if there are, they will be fixed as soon as possible.


UI Design

User Interface or UI design is essentially about making sure that your website looks good and functions well on every device; be it desktop computer screens or mobile phones. The more convenient and easy the user interface of your website is, the more traffic you get. So it is very important to get your user interface designed in an attractive, creative and professional way. 


Importance Of UI


User interface design or UI design is the art of structuring and designing for an effective user interface. A responsive UI design means that the website automatically resizes to fit on any screen, thereby providing an optimal viewing experience for users on any device. With responsive UI design, the website responds to the device of display and orientation of display which also enables better usability with any functionality that would be available on the desktop version of that site. A responsive UI design helps in creating websites that are customizable across devices and browsers while still being practical for mobile users.


What Do UI Designers Do?


These designers work with information architects, web designers, and graphic designers to create interactive systems. They are responsible for the look and feel of a desktop or mobile app. UI designers build the UI that a user interacts with. Working closely with IA’s, web designers and graphic artists, these professionals have an important role in the creation of a company’s digital products. They have to consider how a user will interact with their designs as well as what will make them aesthetically pleasing for them to use.


How UX & UI Benefit Your Website?


User experience and user interface design are all about the usability and the look of a website. It’s about how easy it is for users to find what they want, and how enjoyable it is to use your product. User interface design (UI) has more to do with the visual aspects of a website, such as colour schemes and fonts. User experience design (UX) is all about making sure that people can complete their tasks smoothly on your website or application. You need to think about questions such as:


  • Is the navigation clear?
  • Are the buttons big enough to be tapped?
  • Is there enough space on each page?
  • Does the layout make sense, and is there an overview of what’s on each page?


Tips To Use UX & UI On Your Site

  • Consider that user experience and user interface are completely different things. 
  • Try to compile the usage of both, User Experience and User Interface. 
  • While developing a user experience strategy, one must consider things related to the user interface. 
  • Consider user experience while working on the user interface. 
  • Your UI must support your UX and vice versa. 
  • Never compromise even with the single factor while working on user experience. 
  • Human psychology is a must to consider while enhancing user experience. 
  • Make a customized strategy for User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design. 
  • Feel and emotion are the most important thing you need to keep in mind while developing user experience design. 



User experience is not a new term in marketing. However, user experience is a key factor for ranking all the websites. Expert from a digital marketing Company or web development Company must pay attention to both UX and UI design. Without enhanced user experience it is not possible to attract new customers or keep them browsing your website. The more you impress your customers with your website’s design, feel and experience, the more you get leads, conversions and recurring visitors on your website.