Using Online Digital Printing Companies to Save Money on Printing Services

Most businesses can save up to 30% by using digital printing companies for their marketing materials and corporate forms, are you wasting revenue?

Digital Printing Companies

Have a printing requirement? Turn to corporate digital printing services for help

From brochures, business cards, posters, and wall graphics to car wraps, every small and large business needs help with printing for marketing and promotional purposes at some time or another. Those who can afford get in-house printers for the job, believing it will save their cost and be more convenient, while others with budget constraints go with local vendors. In places like New York City, you can find hundreds of printers ranging in quality and often even neglecting quality to a great extent. While many businesses still like to keep thing local, you absolutely can save a lot of money by outsourcing printing jobs to a reliable and experienced digital printing company.

Superior Resource, a NYC corporate printing company is one of these companies with over 30 years helping educate businesses on how to save money and time using a digital press. How?

Digital printing services utilize electronic files for creating bolder, sharper, and impressive prints. While digital printing is comparatively a new, the technology has come a long way over the past 10 years. Digital printing helps streamline the process for graphic designers to create artwork on a computer and transfer it onto the material you have picked, which can be a paper, a cloth, or something else. This technology is far superior to traditional printing styles, like flexography, letterpress, and lithography, in terms of speed as well as results. Most of the conventional procedures tend to be complicated and time-consuming as they involve several mechanical steps, such as making films, color proofing, creating plates, and so on.


Why choose corporate printing services?

Other than saving money…

Digital printing techniques are feature-rich and flexible, and they come with several choices. You cannot expect such a full scope from methods like flexographic and offset printing. Plus, the latest process is well-known for its accuracy. When you place an order for a brochure, a storefront and pop up display, or a poster, you want it to convey the image and message of your brand.

Small business needs.
With printing you save in bulk. That being said, many small businesses and startups just don’t have the capital to run 50,000 pcs for marketing materials and even if they did — many would just go to waste. Digital printers make short-run printing possible for smaller budgets and this can shave thousands of dollars off wasted expenditures.

The need for speed.
Digital printing companies are able to turn over high-quality products in a much quicker time-frame. In this context, it deserves a mention that every process has its unique advantage and disadvantage. Just a heads up, it is a good idea to check a company out before using them ie: how long have they been around? what are their customer reviews like? Do they offer printed packaging in short runs?, etc.

Print Quality

One of the highest marks of quality lies in the consistency of the work. So, if you don’t want to compromise on this aspect, choose a digital printing company that can satisfy all the parameters of consistency with ease. Ask for samples to make sure that there are no issues with printing colors as well as print degradation. It’s good to get multiple samples of the same item to check consistency in color and to make sure there isn’t even a minor difference anywhere, whether it concerns texts, images, materials, etc.

Turn-around time

As hinted earlier, older methods involve too many mechanical steps due to which you need to give printers some time both for doing the job and its delivery. When you live in a busy place like New York City, you can’t afford to lose weeks in production time, especially as you may have many other equally important things to attend. Hence, planning way ahead of the event for printing tasks can feel burdensome at times. But with digital printing services, you don’t have to invest so much of your efforts in time management. Plus, you can expect your printed batches to arrive at your place within the fastest possible time-frame.


Since this modern process doesn’t need printing plates, the service provider’s investment cost for a single job tends to be lower than the conventional methods of printing. And because it doesn’t involve the use of printing plates, you don’t have to bother about the number of materials that need to be printed. Whether you require short or medium print runs, an established corporate printing company can fulfill it without charging an additional amount in the name of accommodating your needs.


The use of advanced technologies allows printing companies to help you pick designs and colors based on your taste and themes. You can seek their suggestions also to come out with a better product. And as you know, having creative independence with marketing materials can be an asset. You can conceptualize direct mailings, letters, and business cards in a certain way and give them your unique touch to ensure they stand out from the rest. For this, you don’t have to loosen your purse strings as much. You can enjoy the benefit of custom-made designs without stretching your budget.

Just remember, the cost can increase or decrease based on the choices of materials and other factors. So, have awareness about all the things beforehand.

Whether you located in NYC or small town Grants Pass Oregon, if you can access the internet you can get high quality printing for just about any item. Most printing firms make sure that they deliver only the highest quality printed materials to their clients within the shortest time possible. So, whether you are planning to participate in a trade show, have a press conference, or need new business cards or retail & window signage, you can approach them.

Sometimes it’s handy to have an in-house printer, but there is a reason why so many successful business outsource their printing. If you have questions about producing art for marketing materials or what digital printing services can do for your business, contact us.