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5 Ways To Use SEO To Encourage Repeat Business

SEO is all about visibility and YES you can use SEO to encourage repeat business in addition to attracting new customers, learn how.

5 Ways To Use SEO To Encourage Repeat Business

Search engine optimization is often viewed primarily through the lens of attracting new customers. It is rarely seen as a tool that can help to retain existing customers. However, it can be deployed effectively to encourage repeat purchases from your current customer base. Leveraging this benefit could help you grow your business with a strong foundation. These are some of the ways you can achieve this.

1) Remind Customers of Your Brand

First and foremost, you can use SEO to remind your current customers that your business exists. Awareness isn’t the only reason you need to get in front of the eyes of potential buyers. You also need to make sure you are sufficiently on their minds for them to purchase from you.

Using SEO, you can create greater visibility which will also draw in the attention of your existing customers. Additionally, you can target keywords and search terms that would be highly relevant to current customers. For example, you may create some SEO content that includes your brand name. Alternatively, you may target searches for accessories or other upsell opportunities.

2) Reengage Customers With New Content

Your SEO and content marketing go hand-in-hand. Hopefully, you have valuable content that is intended for new customers. This may include driving search traffic towards a guide on how to shop for items in your category.

For your existing customers, this could be targeted at the types of questions and concerns they may have. For example, if you run a camping supply brand, you could create some guides on how to prepare for more advanced camping adventures. Alternatively, you could simply create a guide on some of the best places to use your products.

3) Create Marketing Channels for Existing Customer Groups

Ideally, your SEO should be delivering customers to channels on your website that help to convert new customers. This may include landing pages, product pages and more. When you design your page flow with the customer journey in mind, you can create more effective website marketing.

Apply this same mindset to current customers. For example, you may have a landing page specifically focused on rebuying a consumable product or on adding new items to an existing collection. Find the language that is most relevant to your customer base and use that. When you understand the reasons why they are likely to buy again, you can develop an effective channel for them.

4) Answer User Questions

Explore some of your business metrics to learn what types of questions your existing users typically have. Very new customers may want to know how to set up your product. More established customers may want to know how to get service when they need it.

You can develop an SEO strategy focused on answering these search queries. For example, “ABC brand customer service phone” is probably a good search phrase to target. Similarly, “XYZ product accessories” is another valuable term to target. Figure out what your current customers are searching for an develop a strategy that will speak to those concerns and questions.

5) Improve Access

One of the most important questions to address for your users is how to find key resources. These navigational search terms are not very relevant for attracting new customers. However, for delighting and retaining your existing customers, they are essential.

Some examples of this include “ABC brand login page” and “XYZ product manual.” Use your SEO to give your customers better access to the resources you have created for them. You will have an easier time getting them to come back as customers when they are regularly interacting with your brand. Plus, a frustrating support experience is a fast way to turn off your customers.

Get Started

Try these techniques and more to retain your current customers using SEO. Although search engine optimization is often focused on increasing brand visibility, it can also be used to make your customers happy. Get started today.

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