How to Use Email Marketing to Promote Your Business in 7 Steps

Want to know how to use email marketing for your business? Then, you’re in the right place. Read on for actionable tips & real-life examples.

How to Use Email Marketing

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Email marketing is a foundational marketing strategy for every online business, so understanding how to use email marketing to promote your business only makes sense.

No matter how great your product or service is, the key to successfully growing your online business lies in promoting it well. Like anything else — there’s a right and a wrong way to approach email.


This post is going to focus on the right way in 7 easy to implement steps.

When it comes to online business promotions, email marketing is certainly your best bet because it can help you:

  • Reach out and appeal to different segments of your target audience using tailored messaging.
  • Develop stronger relationships with your ideal buyers by sending them valuable information and offers.
  • Build a list of valuable contacts that can turn into qualified leads and sales for your online business in the long run.

Moreover, email marketing is pretty cost-effective and easy, especially when you have got automation tools.

So, are you ready to learn how to use email marketing to grow your business?

I’ve got a few tips to guide you through the path to success.

Here you go:

7 ways to use email marketing for online business promotions

Here’s how you can start using email marketing to win more online business right away:

1. Build, grow, and refine your email list

First things first, you need to build a data-driven email list that is highly targeted and engaged. It must include people who are actually interested in your products or services.

What I mean here is:

If you run a travel business, building a list of people who don’t go on trips often won’t do any good to your business. You’ll need to build a list of people who:

  • Are likely to buy your travel packages
  • Are in the same country (geographical location) where you offer your services

One of the easiest ways to do this is to add signup and popup forms on your online business website.

Some effective ways to grow your email list organically include:

  • Giving users access to free ebooks, checklists, and other resources
  • Encouraging them to subscribe to your blog for a constant flow of high-quality content
  • Hosting a free webinar that your ideal buyers would like to attend
  • Offering discount coupons for specific products or services
  • Hosting giveaways and contests

For example:

A yoga practitioner and business mentor, Elena Brower, has placed a signup form offering details about her upcoming programs and offers on her homepage. This helps her encourage visitors to join her email list.

how to use email marketing example


You should also clean and refine your email list to improve your engagement rate from time to time. This will help you get rid of contacts who aren’t interested in your online business products or services (and are, therefore, not worth keeping around).

However, before you remove inactive subscribers, give them a chance to re-engage.

2. Send welcome email sequences to your new subscribers

Getting people to become your subscribers is just the first step. You need to engage your subscribers to be able to promote your online business using email marketing.

The best way to get started is to send a warm welcome email the minute someone signs up to your list. You can use ready-made email templates to increase your campaigns reach. 

You can also use automated email sequences to:

  • Help your subscribers learn about what you have to offer.
  • Educate them about your products and services.
  • Drive actions that can help you grow your business.

Here’s an example of Toggl, a time tracking and project planning tool to automate their welcome email sequences:

how to use email marketing example 2


3. Segment your email list for targeted campaigns

Building an email list isn’t enough.

You should practice user segmentation and personalization to grab the attention of your subscribers and improve your email open and click-through rates.

For this to happen, you’ll have to divide your list into various user segments based on their needs, interests, and relationships with your online business.

Some possible parameters for segmenting your email list include:

  • New subscribers
  • Engaged subscribers
  • Loyal and returning customers
  • Cart abandonment users
  • Similar customer interests
  • User demographics such as age, gender, location, etc.

Then, tailor your email copy to appeal to the interests of each group.

4. Promote new products with offers

Did your online business release a new product or service?

If so, send emails to let your prospects learn about it and understand how it can make their lives easier. Pair it with an exclusive offer or benefit to generate their interest. You can even get creative and create jigsaw puzzles of your new product photos to standout and generate excitement among subscribers. 

Wondering how?

  • Offer a discount.
  • Use scarcity by limiting the number of products available.
  • Add urgency by offering a limited-time discount.

how to use email marketing example 3


5. Engage your customers using post-purchase email messaging

Someone purchased from your online business?


But your job isn’t done yet.

Now it’s time to engage the customers to get repeat orders and build loyalty. You can send them thank-you emails for making a purchase or incentivize their next purchase.

For example:

You can send your upcoming sales and offers details via emails like the one below by Stencil Revolution.

stencil revolution


6. Co-market your online business to gain more subscribers

Along with promoting products and services that your online business offers, you can also run a co-marketing email campaign to gain more traction.

For example:

Birchbox is a brand that sells monthly beauty and grooming subscription boxes. They partnered with Rent the Runway (a dress rental company) and offered their promo code because the company fits the interests of most Birchbox customers.


7. Measure campaign results

Your work doesn’t end with sending different types of promotional emails for your online business marketing.

You need to track and monitor key metrics such as the number of email opens, bounce rate, click-through rate, spam complaints, etc. to analyze whether or not your campaigns were successful.

If your email campaign generated satisfactory results, that’s great!

But what if it doesn’t?

Then, you’ll probably need to test all elements of your email marketing campaigns such as the subject line, copy, timing, target list, CTA (call-to-action), etc. to identify what works and what doesn’t.

Measuring campaign results can help you optimize your future campaigns in a better way to make the most of email marketing for your online business promotions.


When done right, email marketing can help you reach your target audience and grab their attention. You can generate demand for your products or services and use different email marketing strategies to move them down the sales funnel.

Do you have questions on how to use email marketing for your online business promotions? Leave them in the comments below. I’ll be happy to answer.