Types of Content Marketing That Drive Website Traffic to Your Business

What types of content marketing techniques should you be using to drive qualified website traffic?

Types of Content Marketing That Drive Website Traffic

This is an important question especially for start up businesses who’s marketing budget is not that huge.

All that to be said, any size business needs to make sure that they are able to compete with their competitors favorably and thrive in that industry. Just like finding a better way to finance home improvements, you need to invest in the best online marketing strategies that will help you get more leads and improve your business. One of the best strategies for online marketing has been content marketing, but what types of content should you be creating?

Content marketing can be defined as a digital marketing strategy that is designed to deliver world-class content to your potential audiences who have a genuine interest in using your services. The primary goal of content marketing is building an active and engaged audience. Therefore, you need to post relevant content to your leads and drive your target audience to the profitable outcome on your site. This includes changing them to your email list and redirecting them to make an absolute purchase from your company.

Bear in mind that if you manage to drive more relevant traffic to your website, you will achieve better results. Here are some of the most powerful content marketing strategies that can help you improve the traffic to your site. This will also help you generate more leads and sales.



Currently, blogging is one of the greatest ways a business owner can use to draw more traffic to your website. This is a cost-effective and highly regarded online marketing tactic that is considered the cornerstone of content marketing. According to recent research, blogging is recognized as the best way to draw traffic to your site and any business that frequently blog tend to enjoy 98% more backlinks to their website. A high number of backlinks means that more people have the chance to find your website and visit it.

The best part of blogging is how it swiftly assimilates into search engine marketing. This means that whether it is a paid or an organic search, the consumers will always find your product fast. Users searching for their preferred keywords on google and other search engines will view the list of the most relevant search results on the first result page of the search engine.

Optimizing your blog for specific keywords is very important as this will make it be the first on search engine result page, and thus generating more traffic to your site. Additionally, make sure you publish helpful information on a regular basis that offers a solution to the problems of your audience. With this, you’re your blog will start to be regarded as an authority in your industry. Note that all these results on your website will help you get more visitors. More traffic to your website means that there is a greater likelihood of them purchasing your products or services right from your website. You can learn how to create a blog for your business here.


Social media

It’s pretty common knowledge that a LOT of people spend a LOT of time on social media sites. With this superfluity of potential clients on social media platforms, startups are beginning to see the importance of marketing via social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Social media lets small business to interact with their potential leads in an online environment where they spend a lot of time on the internet. This is an exceptional combination of opportunity and location. All the social media platforms are designed to offer free advertising for the URL of your website. This is because the moment you sign up for an account for your startup, you will have a chance of posting its website URL directly on your account page on your preferred network.

The moment you create your account, make sure that you publish world-class, relevant and passionately linking content to create interest in your brand on social media platforms. This will help you in enticing your fans and followers to visit your website. The moment you set up your conversion funnel to benefit from the high traffic, your small business will be able to make more conversions and sales.


Email marketing

Since texting has been so popular, you can be exonerated for believing that email is the last decade’s best way of passing information. Nevertheless, email has been recognized as the most famous and effective means business can use to frequently draw more traffic to their websites to attain a good return on investment.

This is due to the fact that email marketing is the online marketing strategy that strives to reach your leads directly. Additionally, it offers them a complete control in the relationship and in case your potential audience does not want to keep receiving your emails, they can just click the unsubscribe link below your newsletter.

However, you need to build a reliable and sizeable email list for you to successfully use this powerful marketing tool. This list comprises a collection of all the email address of your leads and it is good to note that your marketing efforts will never be successful without it.


How to establish the email list

  • Organize for a social media contest where applicants are required to give their email address in order to be part of the challenge
  • Provide social media promotions where individuals are required to provide their address and get coupons or other freebies in return
  • Show new visitors convincing pop up boxes that request them to subscribe to your blog with their email addresses.


Additionally, make sure you use an effective email template design so that your emails are consistently tailored in a perfect way to reflect your brand. Once you have the list, make sure you send then captivating email newsletters that show their signups were not a waste of time and lure them to open your emails and visit your site. You can do this by:

  • Writing relevant subject lines
  • Personalizing the body of your email by incorporating words such as you and me, do not forget to insert the first name of the leads.
  • Subdivide your emails to aim specific population in your proposed audience


The types of content marketing listed above are some of the easiest and most cost effective ways to begin building high quality traffic and highly valued customers. If you’ve begun dabbling in these types of content marketing already, but without success, click here to learn how to become the MacGyver of Content Marketing.