Should I Use Twitter as a Platform for B2B Sales?

If you’re wondering whether to use Twitter as a platform for B2B sales, make a decision based on well-researched data, right here.

Twitter as a Platform for B2B Sales


B2B sales are as important as B2C sales. This article is going to cover some tips that can increase B2B sales via Twitter.

It’s important to make decisions based on real-world data and that’s exactly why we’ve put together this essential information to get you started on the right track. This post is based on insightful data from our well-researched topic of using Twitter as a platform for B2B sales!

As a highly used website, Twitter has provided many opportunities for all types of organizations and users, ranging from news sources, emerging artists, to B2B marketers and big brands. The goal here is to provide the users with the capability of creating and sharing ideas and information with ease. With the help of Twitter, B2B markets can better engage, connect, and chat with their target customers.

Twitter is a highly relevant platform for reaching and influencing potential customers in any niche. From entrepreneurs marketing their personal brand to Online Casinos like,  spielautomaten kostenlos, Twitter can be effective

When it comes to B2B marketing, yes, it has been found that social media has been quite exceptional for B2B sales, especially platforms like Twitter. This particular platform allows business-to-business marketers to attract strong prospects while interacting and engaging with clients. Twitter also allows them to increase brand awareness and understand the audience better.

Let’s jump into the how and why you should use Twitter as a platform to boost your B2B sales.

Twitter: Key Facts And Figures

About 6K tweets are posted every second, which is over 350,000 tweets every minute.

This accounts for more than 500 million tweets daily. Countries that contain the highest number of Twitter users include Japan, the US, the UK, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Additionally, over 67% of companies in the US make use of Twitter B2B for marketing and sales.

Why Should Niche B2B Companies Use Twitter?

So, why should niche B2B companies use Twitter?

You may observe that B2B sectors like food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals generally have smaller audiences than B2C businesses. Therefore, they expect fewer followers.

For instance, a popular retail store will sell many products that a B2B company will manufacture and will have roughly 130K followers. On the other hand, company XYZ, which is one of the contract manufacturers for some of the products sold will only have 19K followers.


It’s ok for B2B companies to have smaller audiences, because generating sales is all about posting the right content to the right people. There are many types of content that you can post to get your audiences’ attention and keep them engaged. Companies can connect with their target audiences in real-time, post updates, answer questions, and reply to tweets and posts. There are plenty of business opportunities if you learn how to use Twitter to your advantage. Let’s take a look at how you can do this.


Boosting Your B2B Marketing Strategy On Twitter

With more than 330 million active users every month, Twitter is quite a renowned social media platform. With the help of this platform, marketers can easily plan a B2B sales strategy. Here are some key ways to drive better B2B sales on Twitter:

1. Identify Potential Customers And Collaborate With Influencers

You can use many methods to identify your target audiences and get in touch with appropriate Twitter influencers.

If you want to effectively use Twitter as a platform for B2B sales, it is important to start by fostering your relationships on the platform and start engaging with them. Always be on the lookout for potential leads by searching for appropriate terms that your audience would likely use to describe themselves. You can use various tools to filter social media followers so that you can find the right fit for your company.

After you have narrowed down your search, you can simply follow them and engage with their accounts. By replying, liking, re-tweeting their posts, you can start building your social media presence and have profitable relationships.

2. Get Noticed By Potential Audiences

Apart from influencers, Twitter can provide B2B marketers with another place to interact and stay in touch with potential clients and customers. You can try out any of the three approaches:

  • One-To-One

This is considered a common and intelligent approach. As the name suggests, these are targeted conversations with one particular company or individual.

  • One-To-Many

This is a conversation that is started by a single entity and directed to different bodies. This approach is often seen in traditional advertising media to send out promotional messages to several customers in a single go.

  • Many-To-Many

This is the newest type of approach. It is mostly seen in social media networking. The recipients can actively engage as a response or silently listen to it.

Overall, relevance and consistency are critical if you want a positive engagement with your target audience. Whatever type of communication style you choose, these messages must be personalized and tailored individually to your target audience.

3. Answer All The Questions

Customer service inquiries are one of the most increased interactions on Twitter.

Based on research, more than 80% of the customer service requests happen on Twitter as compared to other social media platforms.

Hence, you must answer all the questions and inquiries of your customers. This will build a positive user experience and build trust.

4. Understand Your Audience

One of the essential ways to elevate your B2B sales leads is to understand your audience’s likes and dislikes.

To know this, you need to monitor your Twitter profile very carefully. You can use social media referral data in Google Analytics and Twitter analytics to determine the most profitable time of the day when you can post your Tweet. This way you will also know what type of content your followers share often. Additionally, you will also have valuable insights into their likes, language, and location.

Once you have determined all these parameters, you can post the right content at the right time. This will also help you in planning your posts. This is where you can make use of dedicated tools to pre-schedule your tweets.

5. Add Your Personality To Your Brand

You must reflect your brand’s vision and personality on your social media handles.

This is an essential factor if you want to understand what is B2B sales and how to increase them. You should never underestimate the power of building a unique brand persona. Look for ways that work best for your brand. This will help you create an effortless tone of voice and help you know who your audience is. Of course, your customers will always have diverse opinions. Therefore, ensure that you do not cross the line with your audiences, especially when it comes to controversial and/or humorous topics.

6. Get Your Workers Involved

One of the best ways to boost your B2B sales prospects is to get your employees involved.

These are your employees who are already committed to your company. The first thing you should do is ask them to follow your company on Twitter and like, comment, and re-tweet your posts.

Of course, your employees do not only have to limit themselves to a single account. They can create a work-based account and use that profile to share relevant information with the audiences. Ensure that their profiles are affiliated with the primary Twitter profile of your company.

7. Drive Traffic Back To Your Company Site

With the help of relevant B2B Twitter ads, you can direct your Twitter users to your company’s website simply by linking the URL of the site on your Twitter bio. You can use trending and relevant hashtags and share other relevant articles and pages with your followers.

Twitter also aids in providing indirect benefits to the performance of your SEO. Simply by linking and sharing content, B2B markets can help increase the ranking in Google search results and boost the visibility of your organization.

Final Thoughts

We think using Twitter as a platform for B2B sales makes a lot of sense. Simply by using Twitter paid advertising in B2B marketing, you can easily use Twitter to grow your B2B sales. These are some solid strategies that can help your company become successful. Simply post relevant information and tweets and boost your followers to gain significant traction.

Would you add anything? Let us know in the comments!