7 Mind Blowing Tricks to Get Backlinks to Your Website

Finding it hard to get backlinks to your website? You’re in luck! This post covers 7 amazingly powerful backlink building tricks to rank.

Get Backlinks to Your Website

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So, you want to Get Backlinks to Your Website…

If you’re reading this article I’m sure you are looking at SEO as a major marketing tool to get traffic to your website. SEO really is one of the best ways to drive targeted traffic straight to your website. You optimize your website’s content to be more relevant to keywords that users are already searching for and bam, the search engine starts driving all that traffic straight to your website!

If only things were so simple.


The truth of the matter is that content and on-site SEO are important but backlinks are the key distinguishing factor between you and your competitors in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Think about it, two similar websites with similar content; how does the search engine algorithm decide which one to send traffic to? The one that has more powerful and relevant backlinks, of course!


So, how do you go out there and get these all-important backlinks? Well, there are hundreds of great methods, but let us now take a look at 7 unique and innovative ways to get powerful backlinks to your website.

1) Help A Reporter Out

Consider this, you are a reporter or a journalist and you are working on a piece about deforestation in Brazil. The only way you can add authority and merit to your article is by adding credible quotes and interviews from prominent forest conservationists who are actually working on the ground in Brazil. 


But, here’s where most journalists and reporters run into trouble. How do they get in touch with these conservationists? 


This was a difficult problem that journalists spent quite some time on, searching on the nooks and corners of the internet to find relevant and credible sources for their articles. 


Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is a tool that aims to solve this very problem. HARO is a portal where reporters and journalists can list the source profiles and personas that they are looking for. 


As an expert in your field, if you find that there’s some reporter writing a piece on your topic, you can get in touch with them and contribute your thoughts and opinions on the topic. The reporter can then use your quote in their article and they will most certainly include a link to your website alongside your name and quote. 


Although this method can be time consuming and tedious, it is the #1 method to get backlinks from insanely authoritative sites like popular magazines and newspapers. Just a few of these super-powerful links can often propel your site to the top of the search results for the keywords that you are targeting.

2) Best Products and Tools Listicle


Listicles, if you didn’t already know, are articles that describe a list of something. Yes, it’s a portmanteau of List and Article and it is exactly that. 


A good example would be an article on something like, ‘The 50 Most Useful Websites Every Digital Marketer Should Know About’. It’s an article that lists out 50 websites that are useful for Digital Marketers.


The amazing part about Listicles is that they have the highest potential to go viral and get shared like crazy. The titles make the reader naturally curious and when they read it, if they find that the article does provide real value, you can be sure that they will share it.


Most may share it through WhatsApp and social media but there will be a few bloggers who will go ahead and link to it from their own blogs. 


A great start, but that’s not all. Here’s where the real trick begins. 


The listicles you write, by default, will involve writing good things about other people, their products, websites, etc. Once you’ve published your article and it starts gaining traction through social media shares, you can and should start reaching out to all these people about whom you’ve written and give them a heads up that you’ve featured them or their product or website in your article. 


Let them know that you were impressed by their work, congratulate them and ask them to keep up the great work. And towards the end, be sure to ask them to share about this to their audience. You can be sure that at least one fourth of the people you write to will be impressed and will talk about this article on their website and, wait for it, link to your article! Ba dum tss!

3) Image Source Credits

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As a content marketer you must be aware of how crucial attractive and informative images are to supplement the content on your website. 


More often than not, we resort to simply Googling and use images that supplement what we are trying to convey through our content. This is okay for the most part but we do need to give credit to the image creator when we use such resources from the web.


How do you give credit? Well, through a link to their website, of course! Now does that get you thinking in the opposite direction?


Yes, that’s exactly where I’m going with this. Why not create and share super useful images, infographics and other attractive photos online for the benefit of website owners the world over? They’ll use your image and usually add a link to your website in the source attribution by themselves. 


Even if some content creators don’t include a link, you can always message them politely and let them know that they have used your image on their website. You can tell them that you would appreciate it if they could include an image source credit with a link to your website. Most would happily oblige and you can get tons of useful backlinks to your website through this super cool method!

4) Useful Resources Pages

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As a blogger, you may know a lot of things about your industry but you would still need to refer to a ton of other websites and articles to get your facts and content straight.


It is always a good practice to list these useful resources at the bottom of your article so that readers who are still curious about the topic can head over there and fuel their curiosity. 


Flipping this concept around, you can see that this section at the bottom of the page which is often titled ‘Further Reading’, ‘Useful Resources’, etc. can be a great source of backlinks to your content.


The real challenge with this method lies in the content creation part. To get all those juicy backlinks, you need to create something like an ‘Ultimate’ guide or article that will, for sure, satisfy the reader.


Once you do have such a resource though, things get easier. You can look up articles on the same topic along with the keywords ‘useful resources’ and ‘further reading’ to find articles that already have such a section. 


These are the people to whom you can reach out to and showcase your awesome content and request that it be included in their article’s ‘Further Reading’ section. Most would be happy to and you will end up with a cool set of shiny new backlinks from relevant websites in your niche!

5) Podcast Guest Appearance


Podcasts are fast-becoming the medium of choice for people to get their daily dose of information, debate and comedy. Unlike blogs and even videos, podcasts make passive content consumption extremely easy. 


You can consume podcasts even when you are driving and this is a huge bonus for this medium. This unique advantage has given rise to the rise of millions of podcasts and podcast creators who are even able to treat this as a full-time job.


This means that most podcast creators release their episodes on all podcast consumption channels like Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and even Youtube. 


The most important factor that interests us though, is the fact that almost all podcasts have their own websites where the creators share images, videos, etc. that are discussed in each episode. 


Most podcasters are also actively on the lookout for guests to appear on their shows. So all you need to do is start looking for relevant podcasts where you can appear as a guest with your expertise and credentials and reach out to the podcasters with your interest.


Most would welcome you with both arms open. They will ask for your bio or profile to feature on the description of various podcast channels as well as on their social media and website.

Be sure to include a relevant link to your website in this bio and you can be sure to get a good chunk of backlinks when the episode gets released on various channels and the podcast website.


These are very powerful backlinks as they are often on websites like apple podcast and podcast addict which are high authority themselves.

6) Writing Reviews


Elders and wise people have always said that when you do good things to others, good things happen to you. This is not only limited to spirituality and concepts like karma, but often works wonders in SEO too!


As a content creator, I’m sure you use tons of useful tools on a daily basis. There will be websites, learning platforms, apps and other nifty things that are making your life easier without you even noticing them.


Take a few hours or even ponder about these for a few days and come up with a list. Once you do have it, head over to those websites and be sure to write nice, long and detailed testimonials with photos and images about how wonderful their creation has been in helping you out on a daily basis.


Be genuine and appreciate the creators for the effort that they’ve put into making your lives easier. If there’s no review section on their website, simply find their email and send them your appreciative thank you note. Be sure to mention that you run so and so website in your bio or in your signature message with your website’s link.


You can be sure to hear back from them. They’ll thank you for the kindness you’ve shown and more often than not, ask you if they can feature the testimonial on their website. Be gracious and give them your permission and see that nice backlink to your website get published on their website.


Make writing such wonderful reviews that make the creator happy, your habit and the rewards it will bring will be amazing!

7) Become a Donor


Continuing in the habit of doing good things, why not start donating to charities and nonprofits that you think are making a good difference to society and the things that you care about. 


You can check their websites to see if they thank their donors and pick only the ones that do. I know I know, but you can’t be a saint and do good things without expecting anything in return, right? So pick the ones that feature donors through a thank you page on their websites and send them whatever donation that you can manage.


They’ll feature you and a link to your website on their website! 


If you can’t find many charities that thank donors on their websites, combine donations with a nice long super appreciative testimonial (previous method) and you can be sure that they will feature it on their website and you will get your backlink to your website.


Bonus Method


Similar to podcast guest appearances, you can also reach out to content creators in various other mediums. A good example would be influencers and vloggers who specialise in interviewing other people. 


Most would be happy to feature you while some may even ask you for a small amount to be featured on their show. You can pick creators relevant to your niche and get featured on their shows. They’ll link to your website in the content description on their websites, youtube and other sites where they usually share the content.


Well, that brings us to the end of our article on the 7 + 1 bonus method on getting backlinks to your website. What did you think? Anything we missed? Do let us know in the comments below.