pocket projectorYou bring in a sales team, the sales team brings in the dollars. With the worldwide total of direct salesmen and women pushing 60 million and those salespeople contributing $114 billion in sales to the economy (as reported by the Direct Selling Association Census), sales managers are doing everything in their power to get these superstar sellers on their teams. Finding the best people means providing the best tools and technology for them to use while they work their magic on prospective business associates.


No matter where you are, you need to stay connected to the Internet to remain productive, and in most cases you need to connect multiple devices at once. The Apple Airport Express supports simultaneous dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi, connecting to existing Wi-Fi networks as a single device. If you are staying in a hotel, that means you only pay once, and you can connect multiple devices to your private network. You can find other cell phone accessories that simplify work and travel online and at your local service provider.

Smart Wear

Google is bringing Android to smartwatches as part of its wearable computing platform. Android Wear enables you to check Google Maps for directions to your next appointment and speak into your watch to send text messages and update social media. Does your next business trip require a flight? Your smartwatch can display your flight status and your boarding pass. Should you take an umbrella? You can check the weather right on your wrist.

Need an Assistant?

Salespeople tackle a constant stream of tasks and calls, and you’d surely appreciate some help on occasion. Fancy Hands assistant services can help with administrative duties and appointment scheduling. They can even make purchases on your behalf. They do the multi-tasking for you, so you can concentrate on the business at hand.


When you travel you have a variety of gadgets that can get thrown around by baggage handlers or lost amongst the clothing in your luggage. Grid-It organizes your devices, holding them in firmly in place with elastic bands inside a thin case. It has a rear zippered pocket for extra storage.

Presentation Is Everything

Business requires we be prepared for everything. Let’s say while traveling, your boss calls to tell you a client is dropping by your hotel. The Brookstone HDMI pocket-sized projector is perfect for giving presentations on the fly. It features 1080p high definition video on up to 60 inches diagonally and connects to all HDMI devices. It runs for up to two hours on a single charge. It fits in the palm of your hand or in your pocket.

Wake Up

Do you need a morning cup of your favorite blend of coffee to get you going? The Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Personal Cup Pod Coffeemaker serves up a single cup to give you that initial jolt. It takes only 30 seconds to brew a cup of your favorite coffee. You can purchase Senseo pods or make your own pods using your favorite coffee or tea. It can accommodate tall travel mugs and regular cups.