Top Tips To Monetize Your Blog & Make Money While Traveling

With so many people quitting their 9-5’s, how are they all making money? Here’s one way; monetize your blog and make money on your own terms.

Monetize Your Blog & Make Money



Let’s begin with the fundamentals. What exactly is monetization?

Simply stated, monetization is the process of earning money from your website. Monetization occurs when you earn money from the online content on your blog.


Maybe you are one who enjoys blogging for fun. But now, you want to take things higher by choosing the path of blog monetization. Who says that you can’t earn some cash with your fun blog? The fun part is that you can monetize websites even while on the move. You don’t need to sit actively at home or in your office before the money starts rolling in.

Best Blog Monetization Tips

With these simple tips, you can discover the most convenient ways to monetize your blog while traveling.

Get Freelance Gigs With Your Blog

Leveraging your blog to get jobs is a great way to monetize your blog. If you’re looking for VA or freelance writing deals, your blog is a great place to display your distinct writing style. This should only compel you to create excellent content since you can use your blog as a sales tool. If you also take images or videos, the blog will integrate your social media accounts seamlessly.


A blogger who views your blog, Instagram account, and other social media accounts will like them. They will be more likely to choose you over another applicant because they want you to do the same for them.

Place Ads on Your Blog

Ads can contribute so much toto your blog’s revenue! Allowing others to advertise on your website is another sure way to monetize your blog.  To place ads on your website, you must first register with an ad management firm or ad network. Monetization by advally is a pretty experienced way in this regard. Most companies require sufficient search engine traffic or social media sites to qualify. The best part is that ads are totally passive income, which means that even while you sleep, you will be generating revenue from the ads simply being on your site. 


Remember that gaining traffic can take a long time. Blogging is a steady process! You may not even appear in Google search results or receive much traffic in your first year, but if you stay with it, you can earn a lot of cash from ad networks.


NB: It’s tempting to cram as much advertising as possible onto your website. Keep the number of advertisements to a minimum and introduce them gradually. Long-term site visitors may not enjoy a dramatic increase in adverts, so start small.


Pop-up ads should be avoided. They irritate users greatly. The last thing you want to do is annoy your fans by having a poorly placed ad ruin their overarching website experience.

Participating in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing entails including a link to an item or service for sale on another website in your blogs. Here’s how it works:  

  • someone clicks on the link on your blog
  • goes to the affiliate’s site and buys the product you’ve recommended
  • you earn a commission from the transaction.


This can be a credible monetization strategy if your blog has an active array of people interested in product recommendations. There are numerous opportunities to promote affiliate products in how-to, informational, and lifestyle articles.


Assume you’ve shared a story about a hike you went on. You can use affiliate marketing to endorse the equipment you use on your trips, such as boots, pants, and a backpack. You earn money from your blog when a blog reader visits a website to the pants you endorse and then purchases them.

To ensure your viewer’s trust, make your affiliate partnerships as transparent as possible. It is also a legal requirement in many countries to disclose your affiliate relationships, so consult with legal advisers before participating in affiliate marketing. Remember that the track record of your blog is linked to the item or brand you’re promoting, so choose quality over quantity.

Physical or Digital Product Sales

What better way to monetize a website than to sell directly on it? You can sell items directly on your blog! Many bloggers monetize their blogs by opening a store on an online marketplace, and selling products. Your goods could be either physical or virtual. In the case of a hiking travel blog, you could sell t-shirts with your logo or digital travel guides to beautiful locations.


Whether your merchandise is physical or virtual, you’ll need to design a payment system. Selling physical goods necessitates planning for storage, shipping, and dealing with taxes and duties. Because digital goods can be delivered electronically, they can be less logistically complex.


Your blog may have an active community of readers who want to learn further about your topic. In this case, a paid membership or subscription model is yet another way to monetize your quality content in the long run.


Users pay a set amount on a continuous basis, usually monthly or annually, in this business model. You can generate recurring income by charging readers a membership or subscription fee in this manner. Continuous cash flow has the potential to provide a more steady, predictable, and reliable income stream.


In exchange, you could provide top-notch content, a community area, educational materials, or additional services and tools. You could mix and match these elements to suit your blog.

Accepting Donations

Because not everyone has the ability to afford a subscription on a regular basis, allowing people to donate is another effective way to raise funds. You can use a variety of donation mechanisms on your website. They can be payment platforms that manage repeating donations.


There are well-known platforms that assist creators in earning a monthly salary. People create these accounts in order to accept recurring donations from their fans. You can define perks for each donation tier so that your readers can get something in exchange for their support. Some creators rely on sites like these for the majority of their income.


If you prefer cryptocurrencies, you can add a donation button to your wallet. Each cryptocurrency is unique, so ensure you fully know the details before proceeding; the procedure can be a little perplexing for newcomers.

Final Thoughts

Running a blog entails a lot more than posting your ideas and experiences with the world. It’s also a great opportunity to make a decent living if you use it correctly.


Your blog is a powerful tool that can help you connect with people, network with other experts, and, eventually, generate income. With time, you can amass a sizable readership and leverage your blog to generate multiple revenue streams.