Top Pinterest Strategies to Make the Most of Your Account

How can you use Pinterest to grow your business? This post is going to look at the top Pinterest Strategies to grow your brand and build your business.

Top Pinterest Strategies

Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash

Why should you even consider getting on Pinterest and being more active there?

Many people believe that Pinterest is a silly little platform dedicated to sharing and saving pretty pictures and photos. Some people might get inspiration or new ideas there, but it’s static and simple, right? Well, not exactly. If you’re a content creator and/or have your own business, you can use Pinterest to your advantage and get a lot of traffic and exposure. If you’re not sure how and where to start with Pinterest, you’ve come to the right place. We share our favorite Pinterest Strategies to help your business grow.

Rely on numbers

Even though it’s clear as day that, for the most part, people on the Internet flock to TikTok and Instagram, it doesn’t mean that other platforms should be ignored. Even though digital marketing professionals seldom use Pinterest as their social media platform, those who do, report that the numbers are promising. It’s very important to understand your target audience well, and this is where statistics come to our rescue. According to Pinterest itself, their audience counts more than 400 million users spread all over the world, from Australia and the Philippines, across Europe, to the US and Canada. When we look at their 2022 numbers, we can see that, by far, most of their users are women aged 25 to 34. Their interests? Apparently, most of them use the platform to learn about DIY and crafts, gardening, home décor, and fashion style. Know your audience and use the platform to your advantage.

Make sure you’re seen

How can you stand out on Pinterest?

First things first – you should sign up for a business instead of a regular profile, and if you have a regular profile, switch to a business one. Next, claim and connect your website to your profile, as this step will let you track everything and all of the website content to be sourced back to your original account. When building your profile and website, do the best corporate headshots in Melbourne, as this will make you stand out as a professional among your competitors. Also, when making your boards, don’t dissolve in a myriad of different topics. Instead, make each board as specific and coherent as possible, and don’t stray from that course. Your boards should be akin to an art gallery, and your images should be of the highest quality.

Post frequently but moderately

To get the most out of the Pinterest algorithm, you should definitely post a pin every day. This is because frequent posters are regarded as committed and serious, and with just one pin a day, you will generate a great audience. That being said, it’s easy to overwhelm your audience with frequent posts and pins, and it will make your account seem spammy instead of professional. This is where a pin-a-day rule should be applied. This means that even if you have loads of wonderful content, you should save it and savor it, posting frequently but not flooding your followers’ feeds with content.

Create content that lasts longer

Anyone who has ever tried posting new content on Instagram and TikTok is well aware of their ever-changing algorithms. Because trends come and go in a blink of an eye, it can be difficult to keep up with them and always post content that’s up to date. However, when it comes to Pinterest’s algorithms and its content, it lasts noticeably longer than other popular social networks. This means that your photos and accompanying text will be visible for far longer than if you post them on Twitter, Instagram, or perhaps Facebook. It goes so long that you can notice a pin that’s years old still generate traffic, which is unheard of in some other popular social medial platforms. Posting on Pinterest is similar to writing a blog post or publishing a YouTube video, which is a huge potential you should use.

Focus on quality

In the realm of digital marketing, it’s well-known that content is king, but not all content is the same. If you’re struggling to post daily, you shouldn’t resort to re-posting old pins and pushing out weak and diluted content. Quality beats quantity every time, and to stay on top of the Pinterest search page, you need content that will make the audience not only stop to see but actually take action. Some will choose to save a pretty photo you published and others will venture to your website to see what you’re offering. The content you publish should captivate your target audience and make them pause their scrolling sessions. Does your audience prefer useful content? Skip the pretty aesthetic pictures and give them the infographics they crave. If, however, your audience needs inspirational posts and pretty pictures, by all means, skip boring facts and offer pictures they’ll love and even save.

Don’t forget about keywords

Pinterest is a social media platform, and you’re running a business, which means that you should never forget about keywords. Proper keywords can generate more traffic to your profile and website, so use them wisely. That being said, you have to understand that pin descriptions don’t really influence ranking on Pinterest search. What is more, descriptions aren’t visible on the search results page. While this might discourage you from using keyword-dense descriptions, it shouldn’t. Good descriptions still translate to better visibility on Pinterest; the sentences should be to-the-point and descriptive, not overly long. By all means, include keywords whenever you can, but also try to include an occasional CTA that will further drive traffic to your website.

You might think that working with Pinterest is too much hassle and that you don’t even have to bother because the return on investment is not going to be good. However, if you follow these simple Pinterest Strategies and do your best to implement them, you will soon discover just how much Pinterest can do for you and your business. When you’re well prepared, you can easily reign in its potential and bring hundreds, if not thousands, of people to visit your website per day.