Top Graphic Design Blogs to Follow this Christmas for Design Inspiration

If you’re bookmarking graphic design inspiration for future projects or keeping current with tools and trends, I’ve compiled the top graphic design blogs for you to follow – check’em out here.

Top Graphic Design Blogs to Follow


Christmas, with its long weekends and holiday breaks, is a wonderful time to start or continue with pursuing any graphic design goals. And to whet your appetite before you sit down and create your own masterpiece, perhaps it is high time for you to seek some of the best graphic design inspiration online.


Listed below are the top graphic design blogs that you can follow this Christmas to gain insight on the recent design trends and seek inspiration. Check out each website and take notes (whether manually or mentally) on what specific technique, idea, or creative prompt you would want to try out next.


Not only will you get some great creative inspiration, but some of these design blogs provide valuable insight into landing page design, design to increase conversions, 3D packaging mock ups, and other brilliant design tools and marketing tips.


Let’s take a look at the Top Graphic Design Blogs that You Might Not be Following Yet…

1. is the forerunner in providing both free and premium graphic design and business templates.

They offer everything from Christmas-themed party invitations, greeting cards, label templates, and even website banner ads. With a free license of their templates, you can use a single template design for personal purposes and create/sell up to 100 copies of print and digital end products.


The website is also filled with informative and well-researched articles and guides on creating different kinds of design and business templates. So if you are ever curious about how to create compelling label designs, you can bet that has a corresponding over-the-shoulder guide on that.

2. Canva


Canva is an online graphic design website that allows users to create and edit their own designs using intuitive drag and drop tools. The site hosts thousands of font styles, images, layouts, headers, illustrations, typography, and pre-made templates that any user can use for their own design projects.


The site also offers premium design content for as low as $1. You can create anything from simple business cards to complex brochures by using any of their pre-made design templates. And if you incorporate a premium design element into your creations, you will only have to pay at the end of your project or when you decide to export the template.


Canva is now available as an app on IOS and Android phones and tablets. A version of Canva made for a professional business environment called Canva For Work has been launched to cater to working professionals.


Pixel Productions Inc Design Blog

Pixel Productions Inc. is a top rated brand design agency providing graphic design and web development services based in Oregon. Pixel emphasizes building relationships with businesses and brands to help them succeed. And aside from providing design services, creators can benefit from their information-rich blog as well. The site’s blog is a treasure trove of not only graphic design articles but it is also filled with actionable marketing tips that can help you better position your design assets later on.


Know that graphic design is not all about crafting the best-looking poster designs. Sometimes, it is all about knowing what to do with these digital assets after you make them. With Pixel Productions Inc., learning how to run a website, start an email list, up your social media game, or even how to create other kinds of marketing collateral will be something that they can help you with.

4. CreativeMarket


Creative Market is an online marketplace for website themes, templates, stock photos, font styles, videos, and all other kinds of digital assets. With access to this website, anyone can easily complete any graphic design project.


There are thousands of graphic artists selling their creations and expertise on the site. You can be trusted that each digital download is backed by years of design experience from these content creators. The site also regularly offers free design assets along with tutorials and discussions on how to certain graphic design projects.


And if you are confident enough with your design skills, you may even open your own shop at Creative Market and start selling!

5. Graphic River

Graphic River

Graphic River is another online marketplace for almost any kind of digital graphic design assets. The site is part of Envato Pty Limited. At Graphic River, you can get almost any kind of digital asset that you may need for whatever graphic design projects you are working on.


The site offers website themes, video templates, video stock footage, stock photos, mockups, sound effects, audio files, 3D files, wordpress plugins, CSS templates, PHP scripts, JavaScript codes, WordPress themes, fonts, stationery templates, Google slide themes, Sketch plugins, and a lot of other things. And if you are a beginner in graphic design, you can easily learn the ropes by accessing the site’s free tutorials on Photoshop, WordPress, JavaScript, and other coding tutorials.

6. Mashable


Mashable is a digital media website. It mainly posts digital and tech news from all over the world. For those who want to create timely and news-infused Christmas designs, news sites like Mashable can be the best source for curated content.


The site also offers news and video content about science, entertainment, culture, and stories on social good.

7. Logo Creative

The Logo Creative

Logo Creative is a graphic design company that offers logo-making services. As a designer who is interested in season relevant designs, you may find their blog useful as it provides a sneak peek into the world of logo design. With more than fifteen years in the logo-making business, the site’s founder, Andrew Marriott, can help you craft the memorable logos for your own clients or for personal use.


If you are interested in knowing more about effective design strategy and catering to your audience or client’s needs, do check out the Logo Creative blog.



Inkbot Design is a graphic design company that specializes in creative branding and logo creation. Take a look at their well-curated portfolio to get an up-close and personal look at different logo design projects that they have taken on in the past. Do not forget to take notes on how they resolved certain design constraints so that you, too, could apply them in your own holiday designs.


Aside from learning all the technical know-how behind logo-making, Inkbot Design also offers services on how to create your brand’s own identity and strategically incorporate this in all your marketing plans.This can be helpful if you are working with a client/s or if you want to extend your own audience reach.


9. Hloom

Hloom is a site that offers free business and professional templates. If you want to infuse the holiday vibes to any business template you send out, check out this site as it provides fully customizable business templates.


From cover letter templates to questionnaire templates to potty training charts, the site has everything for you. The site also offers a comprehensive resume-maker tool so check it out if you want to use the holiday season as the perfect time to update your resume.

10 Freepik


For those who are looking for free digital assets, you better check out Freepik. This site offers millions of graphic design assets like logos, icons, templates, and vectors that anyone can use for whatever project they are working on.

If you are looking for relevant Christmas templates, check out their dedicated resource pages for anything holiday related. Note that the site also offers premium content. You may subscribe to a monthly or a yearly plan and get to access millions more templates and vectors.


Speaking of Holiday related…

The next two are two great blog keeping the Holiday Seasons in mind:


Greetings Island is an online shop that provides free print and digital invitation cards, greeting cards, and calendars. The site also has an online card template editor that users may use to customize any card design they want to use.


This site is useful for those who are not that savvy in editing using tools Photoshop and Illustrator. Note that since it is a free card-making site, some design elements like the website logo, some text, and illustrations may not be edited.


What are you waiting for? If you are looking for design ideas for the Christmas cards you are going to send to family and friends, try out the ones available from Greetings Island now.

12. Evite


With Evite, you do not have to worry about how to distribute any cards or invitations to your Christmas party guests. The Evite site is a social-planning website where you can create cards and invitations for free and then send a link to your invitations and e-Cards online.


For those who are seeking holiday-related design inspiration, check out the site’s party ideas and video sections as they are updated with the latest trends on crafting and design tutorials. The site also provides premium access to their online service without all the advertisements. Note that some invitation templates and website functionalities will require a subscription to the premium service to avail a premium pricing plan.


And that ends this comprehensive guide on the Top Graphic Design Blogs and websites you can check out for some holiday-related inspiration.

If you are merely looking for design inspiration, make sure to first check the blog and portfolio pages of most of these websites. Do not forget to take note of and bookmark all designs that stood out for you so that you can refer back to them when it’s time to recreate them on your own.

Also, never forget to enjoy the process! Happy holidays and happy creating!