3 Experts On The Top Affiliate Marketing Trends

Thinking about trying out affiliate marketing? Learn from 3 of the top experts in the field on what affiliate marketing trends and tools you should pay attention to.

affiliate marketing trends

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40% of marketers worldwide consider affiliate marketing an essential skill. Are you looking to get into the affiliate marketing industry and generate a passive income?


Affiliate marketing isn’t a piece of cake. You’ll need the advice of experts and extensive knowledge of trends in the industry to ensure your new venture is profitable. Keep reading as this guide talks you through the top affiliate marketing experts, the basics of affiliate marketing, and the trends in the industry.


3 Top Affiliate Marketing Experts

Here are some of the top affiliate marketing experts you should check out to learn about the best tips, tools, and trends in the affiliate marketing industry.

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is the Smart Passive Income website’s creator, designed to help new affiliate marketers hone their skills and increase their income. Pat Flynn is a keynote speaker and entrepreneur that has created online tools for affiliate marketers to leverage for more success in the business.

Charles Ngo

Charles Ngo is a successful affiliate marketer, blogger, and keynote speaker. Having cultivated success in his own affiliate marketing journey, Charles Ngo has now devoted his time to giving others the tools to generate passive income and gear their affiliate marketing careers toward success.

Ian Fernando

Ian Fernando has developed expertise in many marketing fields – as an Amazon FBA seller, PPC specialist, online strategist, and media buyer. He has developed expertise and knowledge as an affiliate marketer. He preferred affiliate marketing to eCommerce as it required less customer relationship management.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for marketing experts to generate passive income. Some affiliate marketers make up to 5 figures a month. 


Affiliate marketing is the promotion of another company’s products or services. You gain a commission every time the company generates a sale via your advertising. You can promote the company’s products in your blog, video marketing, email marketing, and microsites. 

To start affiliate marketing, you should look for an affiliate marketing program with products you can quickly write about and reasonable commission rates and start your website for your blog. Unlike the affiliates, as an affiliate marketer, you will not need to worry about production scheduling, inventory control, or material requirements planning – however, it’s wise to pick products that won’t encounter supply chain issues etc. 


The program will provide you with custom links to include in your content. The affiliate marketing program will give you a commission every time a customer clicks on the link and purchases a product. 


When you’ve reached the minimum payment level, you will receive a payment for your commission. You can include links on your websites, but you can also include links in emails, newsletters, social media, and anywhere else you can share.


There is a lot to learn about affiliate marketing, and you need all the tools at your disposal to increase your passive income and generate more commission. 


  • Track availability for required materials for efficient sales order fulfillment


In this article, we will discuss some of the top affiliate marketing trends and share some advice from top affiliate marketing experts.

Top Affiliate Marketing Trends

Let’s dive in and discuss some of the top affiliate marketing trends and how you can benefit from implementing these trends in your affiliate marketing strategy.


First-party cookies can be a powerful tool at your disposal when developing an affiliate marketing strategy. Cookies are small text files generated to save user preferences, shopping carts, and registration data. Cookies help websites provide users with more relevant content that encourages them to visit sites or make purchases.


Cookies have been a hot topic in recent years. The EU implemented a policy that requires websites to offer users the option to consent to cookies. Websites can only use cookies to gather personal data if a user has consented to analytics cookies.


With the third-party cookies controversy, it’s best to focus on first-party cookies for your affiliate marketing strategy. First-party cookies will help give you insight into traffic and activity on your website to provide more relevant content for your users. You should state your cookie policy clearly to gain the trust of your users.

Voice Search SEO

With the new popularity of Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, and the Apple Homepod, voice searches are rising. Consumers also use voice searches on their mobile devices. But, what does this mean for affiliate marketing and SEO?


Affiliate marketers can adapt their SEO strategy for voice searches. You can adjust your SEO strategy for voice searches in the following ways:


  • Including plenty of questions in your content – many voice searches are phrased as questions and queries, so including questions in your content will help you target your SEO towards the voice search user.


  • Use more precise language – when consumers use a voice search, they are often more specific. So, by using more precise language, you can rank more highly for voice searches.


  • Adopt mobile-friendly content – most voice searches are performed on mobile devices, so you must ensure that your content is mobile-friendly and easily accessible on a smaller screen.

Live Shopping

Livestreams have become an increasingly popular form of media consumption. You can improve your influencer marketing strategy by implementing live shopping. You can encourage your influencer partners to announce product drops, promote products, and offer exclusive discounts on their live streams.


As an affiliate marketer, you need to use all of the most current media consumption trends to your benefit. By adapting your strategy to take advantage of the rising popularity of live streams, you can increase traffic and broaden the scope of your content.


Influencers can even include polls in their live streams to gather more information on user preferences and the products they want to know more about.

live video

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Co-Marketing Partnerships

Co-marketing partnerships will help you get more content exposure and generate more revenue. Suppose you want to create a co-marketing partnership. In that case, it’s best to look for influencers and brands with a similar target demographic and audience, as this audience will be more inclined to follow links to your content, which will help you generate more revenue.


You could even work with other affiliate marketers. You must agree on how the revenue will be divided between both parties, but both parties will stand to generate more revenue together.



If you’re looking to get into the affiliate marketing industry, you could make a substantial passive income with the right mindset. This guide has covered the basics of affiliate marketing, the current trends, and the best experts to follow to learn about affiliate marketing and gear yourself toward success. Consider using these resources to develop your affiliate marketing strategy and hone your skills.