Top 7 Virtual Assistant Service Providers Worldwide

Are you struggling to stay on top of phone calls and customer service in general? Consider these virtual assistant service providers to improve your customer experience.

Virtual Assistant Service Providers


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Running a small business is no easy job, but you already know that. Have you considered a virtual assistant service provider?

You must juggle many roles and wear many hats – entrepreneur, accountant, marketer, and customer service representative. When you are starting out, every penny counts, and hiring an employee to help you out might seem like an unnecessary expense. 

However, did you know that 15 hours of your week are spent on just administrative tasks? That’s almost two days out of a five-day work week that could be spent doing more productive things.

Many businesses have been relying on Virtual Assistants as an effective way to manage their everyday routine tasks without burning their wallets. 

Finding a good Virtual Assistant, however, is not an easy task. So, lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of the top Virtual Assistant service providers to help narrow down your search.

Who is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a multi-skilled expert who works remotely to help you grow your business. They usually work from home and have their own equipment. Administration and communication are some of their strong suites, and they employ these qualities to help you with business operations.

They go the extra mile to ensure that your personal and business needs are met and that all the backend work is completed without a hitch. As a result, you can concentrate on your main business-specific activities, such as growth planning and strategy.

A Virtual Assistant may be helpful in many ways. These benefits include significantly lower pay, flexible work schedules, and access to assistance around the clock, which is excellent for businesses with clients in different time zones.

You also get the chance to collaborate with highly qualified industry experts and get help in areas you are not familiar with.

What tasks can you delegate to your Virtual Assistant?

Since working remotely has become mainstream and will continue to expand, Virtual Assistants have become more prominent.

Consider virtual assistance a long-term investment.  With the right Virtual Assistant, small businesses can focus on their essential responsibilities while leaving their mundane work in capable hands.

You can hire Virtual Assistants for different roles such as –

  • Administration
  • Bookkeeping
  • SEO
  • Software testing
  • Software Development
  • Lead generation
  • Research
  • Cold-calling
  • Dropshipping
  • Interviewing and hiring
  • Travel planning, and more.

Top 7 Virtual Service Providers

Now that you know how a Virtual Assistant can benefit your business let’s look at the top virtual assistance agencies in the global market.

1. Wishup

Wishup is a one-stop solution for small businesses that want to hire quality Virtual Assistants in a short span of time. It aims at connecting US-based businesses with the best global talent. They have a rigorous vetting and selection process and hire only the top 1% of applicants.

Apart from hand-picking their applicants, they also offer a free consultation where small businesses can mention their requirements in detail. Wishup then pairs them with a Virtual Assistant that best matches their needs. All their applicants are college graduates with industry experience in administrative, bookkeeping, and marketing roles. 

One of their main benefits is that if your primary assistant cannot show up for work, they instantly pair you with a replacement at no extra cost. This way, your work is not affected.

Key benefits –

  • Onboarding in less than 24 hours,
  • Virtual Assistants are trained in over 70 tools.
  • Instant replacement
  • No additional costs like taxes, insurance, medical benefits, etc.

Services offered – Executive assistants, Bookkeeping assistants, Administration Assistants, Software Testers, and Software Developers. 

Price – $12/hour onwards.

2. Belay

Belay is a US-based virtual assistance agency that provides executives and entrepreneurs with experts in different industries. They have both entry-level and experienced Virtual Assistants, and you can choose which one you want to work on based on your requirements. If you’re not sure which one would work best for you, they have a relationship manager who will answer your questions.

Their main USP is that they provide Virtual Assistants in many different languages. Because Belay works with highly-qualified experts, they are one of the higher-priced service providers globally and the most expensive on this list. 

Services offered – Marketing, accounting, website design, executive administrative assistance.

Price – $38/hour.


3. OkayRelax

OkayRelax is based in the US and is perfect for business owners looking for help with temporary, specific tasks. They cater to a large clientele, whether it’s entrepreneurs, executives, freelancers, or anyone who needs assistance with routine tasks like emailing clients, research, or client service.

Unlike other services on this list, they charge per task and not by the hour. Their task credits are worth 30 minutes each, and you can buy as many as you need depending on the tasks at hand.

If you like their services, you can sign up for their premium services and work with a dedicated Virtual Assistant. This eliminates the time spent training a new assistant whenever you have a task you need help with.

Services offered – Travel scheduling and planning, research, data entry, documentation.

Price – $29.95/month for a basic package with 5 tasks. This package does not include a dedicated Virtual Assistant.

4. MYVA360

With numerous global offices in Vaughan, Miami, and London, MYVA360 aims to provide premium virtual assistance to small businesses worldwide. The company pairs you with a suitable assistant based on your specific needs.

Depending on your work requirements and budget, they have existing packages that you can choose from. You can also make your own package if you feel their packages don’t match your expectations.

Their main benefit is that they offer a 4-hour trial package that lets you test their services before you subscribe.

Services offered – Administration, design, social media, sales.


5. Remote CoWorker

Florida-based Remote CoWorker is a virtual assistance firm that enables entrepreneurs, start-ups, and professionals of all stripes to hybrid work efficiently while saving time. 

You may focus on critical business matters while the rest of your work is still being done efficiently. This company offers Virtual Assistants that can operate in various industries and complete a wide range of tasks.

This company offers Virtual Assistants that can operate in different industries and complete a multitude of tasks.

Since assisting businesses over ten years ago, Remote CoWorker has developed a strong network of skilled Virtual Assistants. 

You are allotted a client success manager after signing up for their services. You can interview multiple Virtual Assistants as necessary until you find the best match for your business.

Services offered – Real estate, BPO, bookkeeping.

Price $6.99/hour.

6. Prialto

Prialto offers comprehensive Virtual Assistant services specialized in several tools and services. In addition, they handle the training themselves, so if you have any specific requirements, you can inform your customer manager, and they will try to pair you with the right person.

Prialto provides its services across Asia and Central America; its headquarters are in Portland, Oregon. They cater to entrepreneurs, small business owners, and even executives who have difficulty managing their busy schedules.

Prialto offers its clients a devoted team of client managers and Virtual Assistants. They also offer a replacement in case your primary assistant is unavailable.

Services offered – their target audience includes executives, primarily specializing in administrative services.

Price $1350/month.

7. MyTasker

With headquarters in India, MyTasker offers Virtual Assistant specialists in various industries, including marketing, content, and IT.

MyTasker values its client’s privacy and security. Unlike the other agencies on this list, MyTasker employees all work in the same office, and their systems are monitored to ensure maximum security. As a result, you can rest assured that your work will be completed on time and your information is safe. You can also ask your Virtual Assistant to sign a non-disclosure agreement for additional measures.

Another advantage is that their Virtual Assistant services are available round the clock. So you can hire two different assistants and have them work in different shifts if you have an excessive workload or work with clients in multiple locations and time zones.

Services offered – web development, marketing, administration.

Price $14/hour.


Find the right Virtual Assistant for you.

Virtual Assistants can help you grow your business with their industry experience and knowledge of various tasks and tools. Each of these service providers offers something unique and valuable depending on your requirements. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and found your ideal virtual service provider from this list.