Top 5 Graphic Design Books And How to Transfer Them To Your iPad

Are you a graphic designer looking for creative resources and inspiration for design? Get the Top 5 graphic design books for your iPad here.

Top 5 Graphic Design Books


There isn’t a graphic designer alive who hasn’t gotten a bit stuck while designing. Every graphic designer needs good exposure to new ideas or inspiration for creativity. Even though inspiration can strike anywhere and anytime, to fuel the process of reaching creative heights, you need an array of graphic design books to help you enhance your skills.


This article covers five best graphic design books that you can transfer to your iPad. All of these graphic design books offer something unique while addressing certain design functions for both enthusiasts and professionals. If you want to break those chains and unleash the creative designer in you —  these 5 graphic design books will get you there.


After reading this article, you will be familiar with a few of the best graphic design books available right now as well as the best ways to transfer them to your iPad. So let us start on the journey that will inspire you to be a great graphic designer.



Table Of Content:

  • The Language Of Graphic Design: An Illustrated Handbook For Understanding Fundamental Design Principles By Richard Poulin
  • Affinity Designer Workbook Published By Serif
  • The User Experience Team Of One: A Research And Design Survival Guide Paperback By Leah Buley
  • Layout Essentials By Beth Tondreau
  • Thinking With Type: A Critical Guide For Designers, Writers, Editors, And Students By Ellen Lupton
  • How To Transfer Graphic Design Books To Your iPad
  • Use iTunes To Transfer Graphic Designing Books To iPad
  • Add Books To iPad With iCloud
  • Bottom Line
  • Bio Of The Writer



1. The Language Of Graphic Design: An Illustrated Handbook For Understanding Fundamental Design Principles By Richard Poulin

The Language of Graphic Design

This vital book offers graphic design learners and specialists with an inside-out comprehension of the crucial components and standards of the language of graphic design— what they are, the reason they are significant, and how to utilize them adequately.


Sorted out by the building blocks of the graphic design language, this orientation incorporates work by few of the best and famous specialists from around the globe and how they have applied these crucial standards to their work.


By reviewing both learner and expert work, this complete handbook is a more significant, critical, and rousing reference device for beginner graphic design learners, just as novice designers beginning their professions.


Purchase the 2018 release of The Language of Graphic Design for £15.98 (Amazon UK)/$19.14 (US).


2. Affinity Designer Workbook Published By Serif


This book gives a pleasant enhancement to the in-class learning and Youtube instructional exercises through which you can study Adobe’s principle publishing rival.


With great spreads and far superior advisers for acing the vector program Affinity Designer, the hardback stays significant despite being distributed in 2016. The application has been refreshed from that point forward. However, as a newcomer in the plan, you will be appreciative for the near fundamentals offered in the book.


Look at tests of the book on Behance and attempt Affinity Designer for free to check whether it is the paid programming you are searching for. As such, Affinity is justified even despite a look if interested in what design software choices are out there.


Purchase Affinity Designer Workbook for £39.99 (Amazon UK)/$84.99 (US). Steep costs, so ideally Serif will put out a modified release soon.


3. The User Experience Team Of One: A Research And Design Survival Guide Paperback By Leah Buley

user experience team 

The limits between visual depiction and UX are gradually obscuring, and apparently, any graphic designer hoping to keep up a profession during the 2020s should ace client experience.


For those thrilled by graphic designing; designing for applications and software, Leah’s book is discovered to be a delicate approach to give you a kick-start on everything UX, and one that can be valued by both new and experienced creatives.


That style is writ huge over this book, with rational language, keen representations and layout UX poll and project plans making this the one fundamental UX book on the list and an unquestionable requirement to be purchased.


Purchase The User Experience Team of One for £24.46 (Amazon UK)/$39.00 (US).



4. Layout Essentials By Beth Tondreau

Layout Essentials By Beth Tondreau

The format is a basic piece of design establishment. However, this book is fundamental for any individual who needs a boost or is an uncertain graphic designer, the best way to spread out a far-reaching scene for prints, picture books or publication.


Sticking to particular design and grid norms and standards is significant for any activity from pamphlets, to yearly reports, to banners, to sites, to publications. Beth Tondreau’s book traces and exhibits fundamental design/framework rules through 100 sections including picking a typeface, making progress toward rhythm and balance with type, joining typefaces, utilizing unique characters and kerning and readability.


Overall, the fundamentals guaranteed by its title. Highly suggested read.


Purchase Layout Essentials for £13.88 (Amazon UK)/$16.37 (US).


5. Thinking With Type: A Critical Guide For Designers, Writers, Editors, And Students By Ellen Lupton

thinking with type

Before you ace logos, one should ace type; look no further if you feel like a beginner about everything typeface. Ellen Lupton’s Type is now a design fundamental for everyone, telling the best way to design font styles as well as how to use them in your work best.

Every graphic design and marketing agency understands that integrating type effectively into design is essential. Everything scale, grid and chain of command are investigated with details and never overpowering level of consideration, with a lot of testers accessible on the book’s similarly attractive site by a similar name.


Purchase the 2010 version of Thinking with Type for £15.28 (Amazon UK)/$12.04 (US).


How To Transfer Graphic Design Books To Your iPad

The iPad is an incredible way to read digital books. It can carry several magazines, books, and comics in a bundle that fits in one. Consolidate that with the Retina Display screen on the tablet to make the most out of this fantastic understanding gadget.


Regardless of whether you download free digital books for your iPad or buy digital books from an online store, it would help if you duplicated the books to your iPad before you can read them. There are a couple of approaches to transfer books to your iPad, and the strategy you use relies upon how you sync your iPad and how you like to read books.


How To Transfer Graphics Books To Your iPad


Use iTunes To Transfer Graphic Designing Books To iPad.

The usual approach to add books to your iPad is through iTunes, mainly when you utilize your PC to sync content with your iPad. You can find here about how to put pdfs on iPad.



To do this, add books to iTunes:


  1. Add windows, open iTunes.
  2. And drag the digital books to the On My Device area. For Mac, open the Book program and drag the digital books to Books.
  3.  After that, sync your iPad with iTunes to transfer the books to your iPad. The books will install on the Books application, in the Library area.


Add Books To iPad With iCloud.


When you get digital books from a bookstore, there is another alternative for transferring books to your iPad. Since each buy is stored in your iCloud account, books can be downloaded to any gadget utilizing a similar Apple ID that made the buy.


  • Open the Books application. If you don’t have it, download Books from the App Store.
  • Click on Library.
  • Choose Collections; at that point pick the fitting menu item, for example, Downloaded, Books, or PDFs to see the books you bought.
  • Tap a digital book to download it to your iPad. Books not downloaded before are demonstrated with an iCloud arrow symbol.


Bottom Line:

iTunes keeps you away from the worry of using third-party apps but asks for a little getting used to, especially for new users. With innovation, continually developing, graphic design software no longer needs to live on a massive personal computer exclusively. If you own an Apple iPad, take a stab at utilizing this portable graphic designing tool. iTunes spares you the difficulty of using outsider applications yet require a bit of becoming familiarized with, particularly for new clients.