Top 4 Ways to Use Social Media in Your Property Management Company

Yes, your property management company can use social media to effectively market to your audience! If You’ve been putting it off, read this post.


Use Social Media in Your Property Management Company

Social media platforms have become an essential asset for every company, regardless of the nature of their business.

Companies both big and small leverage social media to establish their presence online and build a meaningful relationship with their target audience. As social media platforms have over 3 billion active users, they’re fertile ground for reaching or interacting with various demographics.

Deciding not to leverage these networks as part of your marketing campaign is just a wasted opportunity. Property management companies can easily capitalize on social media platforms. The main reason is that you can promote properties directly to your audience and generate qualified leads that will help improve the profitability of your business.

Even though the real estate industry has been pretty much traditional so far, it’s also being transformed by modern technology and market trends today. That’s why it’s important to embrace new approaches and discover the opportunities social media can bring to your property management business.

That being said, here are a few top ways to use social media in your property management company.

Develop a marketing campaign

Today, various companies leverage social media for their marketing efforts.

The fact of the matter is that you can promote pretty much anything you want directly to your audience on social media. You can either choose to promote your properties and vacancies organically by leveraging content marketing and audience engagement or you can choose to opt for paid ads and have advertisements displayed on your audience’s newsfeed.

Either option works well, but it comes down to what you want to achieve and what your business goals are. Organic strategies are designed to establish a long-term engagement with your audience that will foster meaningful relationships and customer retention.

These relationships are based on content marketing and communication between your company and your audience. Content delivers value to consumers through education, information and entertainment while interacting with consumers on a regular basis helps improve relations by showing that you care about your followers.

On the other hand, paid ads are designed to create a sense of urgency and encourage consumers to take the desired action for limited-time offers or discount promotions. When developing a marketing campaign on social media to rent out property for your property management company, make sure that you leverage a bit of both methods in a way that works best for your business.

Nurture leads

Lead nurturing is an important aspect of your property management business.

You want to encourage consumers to rent out properties and become your tenants. With that in mind, social media can be a great asset when it comes to lead nurturing efforts. If you identify prospects on social media, you can segment them and tailor personalized messages to them, in order to help them make the decision or lead them to your website.

For example, Facebook has specialized targeting options that allow you to tailor messages to a specific group of people based on their demographics, location, behavior and other factors. Another example is Instagram. You can leverage these social media network to promote your properties through high-quality images. You can also create a custom hashtag for each property, in order to boost awareness and generate qualified leads.

However, if you do, in fact, leverage social media to generate and nurture leads, you must also ensure that you can walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Having reliable property management software will allow you to take care of both tenants and your properties, thus ensuring positive reviews and customer satisfaction. That way, you may even attract more leads thanks to the word-of-mouth promotions from your existing tenants.

Brand awareness

Developing a brand for your property management company is vital these days.

Having a branded business helps elevate your company on the market, as well as helps it differentiate itself from other competitors on the market. However, simply having a brand isn’t enough to give your company an advantage. That’s where social media can help you out.

As a matter of fact, social media networks are ideal for building your online presence and improving your brand awareness. As mentioned before, one of the key takeaways of social media is that it allows you to directly engage with your target audience. With that in mind, such engagement is crucial for your brand awareness and exposure.

You can promote your company’s mission, core values, brand promise and unique selling proposition on social media, in order to attract consumers and establish a community based on trust and loyalty. Moreover, you’ll be able to attract customers not just because of your compelling offers but also because customers themselves can relate to your brand in more ways than one.

Reputation management

Social media is essential when it comes to both building and maintaining the reputation of your company.

Having satisfied tenants is a reward on its own, especially because of positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations.

As a matter of fact, 91% of consumers actually read positive reviews these days and 84% of consumers consider such reviews as trustworthy as personal recommendations from friends.

However, as beneficial as positive reviews can be, negative reviews can ruin your reputation entirely. People are prone to voicing their dissatisfaction, especially on social media. How you react to such negative feedback can make or break your business. Therefore, it’s very important not to ignore negative comments or delete them for that matter. Instead, you can leverage social media to address the issue and turn it to your advantage.

If there’s, in fact, an unhappy consumer, try to fix the problem as soon as possible. On the other hand, if there’s someone who simply wants to slander you, make sure you reply in an orderly fashion and protect your reputation from such feedback. Social media platforms allow you to track various conversations and brand mentions, that way you can stay atop of your reputation management and ensure that a few negative comments won’t ruin what took a long time to build.


Social media platforms provide various opportunities for all companies. How you utilize these platforms depends on your business goals and what you want to achieve. Nevertheless, if you plan out your strategy well, you can ensure that social media will be a great advantage to your property management business.