Top 3 Tools to Automate Your Instagram Scheduling

Consistency is a struggle for marketers, but there are a few tools that will really help automate Instagram scheduling for improved marketing performance.

Top 3 Tools to Automate Your Instagram Scheduling

Instagram is the sort of social media platform where it doesn’t hurt you to schedule your posts, especially since some of your posts may be more time sensitive than others.

Which tool should you choose to automate your Instagram account?

Here are three of the best Instagram scheduling tools:


1. Buffer

Instagram scheduling


You do not have to download a program onto your computer. You can schedule your Instagram pots on the website. Start with a free account. A free account allows you to use one of three social media accounts. Pick Instagram, and you are able to upload ten posts and schedule them without having to pay.


Scheduling ten posts is not bad, but it isn’t enough for most people. If you start paying for the service, you can schedule more posts, and you can add more Instagram accounts, or more social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter.


This tool doesn’t get too bogged down in analytics, which is good because in many cases your Instagram analytics are overly simple. In short, if people start following after you post your content, and if they click the “Like” button, then you are doing okay. There is rarely a need for anything more advanced than that.




  • Pretty low-cost starting subscriptions
  • Does not force you to use their links shortening tool
  • Very simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Automatically publish your Instagram posts to your Instagram Business profiles




  • Free account only allows you to schedule ten posts
  • No conversion tracking, keyword filtering or customer targeting
  • Getting your image to look right can be difficult
  • Different prices for publishing, analyzing and replying


2. HootSuite

hootsuite automation for instagram

The Hootsuite system is remarkably similar to the Buffer Instagram scheduler. It too gives you free access to a single social media account in which you may upload 30 scheduled messages. If that is not enough, then you can start paying, in which case you may include ten different social media accounts and you may schedule unlimited posts.


As with Buffer, Hootsuite also allows you to monitor replies, and it has analytic functions too. The team features are not great with Hootsuite, but similar is true of Buffer. Hootsuite doesn’t allow you to pause your bulk-uploaded content, which is a shame because Sendible and Buffer do. If you are looking for trends, or hoping to jump on trends, then Hootsuite is going to help you achieve this better than Buffer.




  • Fairly low cost starting subscriptions
  • The analytic functions are pretty good
  • More complex and sophisticated than Buffer
  • Post up to 30 free scheduled posts




  • Forces you to use short links
  • Becomes very expensive for teams
  • Expensive Analytics Reports and Point System
  • Additional reach between Instagram and Facebook is limited


3. Sendible


The Sendible Instagram scheduling program doesn’t come with a free subscription option. However, there is a free trial you can try. It doesn’t ask for a credit card, but it will roll over into a paid subscription if you do not cancel it before the 30 days is up. You need to cancel your account a few days before the end of your free trial just to be safe.


You can use Sendible to set up carousel posts, to post videos to business profiles, and schedule reminders for stories with in-app notifications. Users are unable to answer direct messages with this program. However, you can add several contributors to one account, and you can enjoy in-depth analytics.




  • You can bulk upload, including images, with a CSV file
  • Create custom reports in less than 15 minutes
  • Team features are easy to set up
  • Scheduling and publishing tools are easy to use




  • No free plans and the rollover into paid subscriptions is sneaky
  • Charges a little much for individuals and small business
  • Interactions with Instagram seem to lag more than with other social media accounts
  • Have to log in and back in again when features glitch


Conclusion – Which is Best?

So, what is the best tool for you to Automate Your Instagram Scheduling? Great Question…

There are no legitimate tools that will fully automate your account, but scheduling tools are the next best thing.

Buffer – Small and intermittent users will prefer Buffer because it is easier.

Hootsuite – is for people who are more committed to Instagram on a regular basis.

Sendible – is for larger groups and companies who want to post much more content and receive quick reports on their progress.