Top 15 Chrome Extensions for Designers and Developers in 2022

Designers and Developers rely heavily on Chrome extensions to improve daily tasks, trouble-shoot development issues and much more. Here are the top 15 Chrome Extensions you should be using.

Top 15 Chrome Extensions for Designers

Image Source: Chrome Web Store

Did you know that more than 2.65 billion internet users use Chrome as their primary browser?

Chrome offers a broad range of extensions for professionals from various fields. Designers and developers swear by Chrome extensions as it enables them to carry out their daily tasks more efficiently. To be able to perform a task without having to use a dedicated tool for it not only saves time but also a lot of effort. 

Interested in knowing what are the top Chrome extensions for designers and developers in 2022?

In this article, we share the TOP 15 Chrome extensions for designers and developers with you! Keep reading as you are sure to find something that you can make use of! 


1. WhatFont

Has it ever happened that you saw some fonts on web pages and wished to get the font details to save them for your projects? With a Chrome extension called WhatFont, you can do just that! All you need to do is set up the extension and hover over whichever font it is that you want to identify. You will instantly get all the details of the font within a small popup window. 

The font family, size, style, weight, size, line height and color – all this information will be given to you. It is a small tool and works super fast making it a must-have for developers and designers. 

2. ColorPick Eyedropper

ColorPick Eyedropper is a useful extension that lets you identify any color on a webpage easily. If you are someone who uses eyedropper, you know how important it is to pick the point accurately to get the right color. ColorPick Eyedropper is amazing in this aspect as it provides a zoomed selector. So, you can zoom in and choose the exact spot of the color you want to pick. 

Using the extension is also very easy. Once it is installed and activated, move your cursor to the section you want to identify. The hex code and the RGB values will then appear on the screen for you to note it down. 

3. Window Resizer

Responsive design is a must-have today for digital solutions. For developers who work on responsive design, Window Resizer is a handy extension. It will resize your window to any resolution, helping you emulate your design on different screen sizes. With this extension installed, you don’t have to resize your browser to check how your design looks on different devices. 

What’s even more fascinating about this tool is that it provides a list of popular screen dimensions to choose from so you don’t have to manually enter the screen size. The most common sizes of tablets, mobiles and desktops are listed. And if needed, you can add your own custom sizes and resolutions as well! 

4. Color by Fardos

Yet another color picker tool with some unique features, Color by Fardos is quite helpful for designers. Not only does it let you pick any color, but it also has a wonderful feature wherein you can type any color name and you will get the shades, tints, tetradic, triadic, complementary, and split complementary of that color. To be able to find all the basic things about a color without having to do extensive searching is really a time-saver. 

5. CSS Viewer

CSS viewer is a Chrome extension that allows web developers to get the CSS properties of a page. After setting up this extension, when you hover your mouse over any page, a pop-up window will appear which contains the CSS data of the element your mouse is pointing to. It is a simple tool which is quite easy to use and allows developers to work smartly by helping them identify key CSS properties of any desired elements. 

6. Lorem Ipsum Generator

Not all designers enjoy creating content for their designs. If you are working in an established UI UX design agency, you may have a UX writer to help you. But in most companies, it’s up to the designers to complete the designs with some dummy text. Lorem Ipsum Generator is an extension that can help designers stuck in such situations. It generates filler text to add to the designs so that designers can focus on their core skills. 

To use Lorem Ipsum Generator, you need to install it first and then select it within the desired page. After that, you give details for generating dummy text, such as how many paragraphs you want to create and how many sentences each paragraph should have. It will then give you the dummy content which you can copy from the window and paste onto your page. 

7. Dimensions

Dimensions is a very useful Chrome extension that lets you dynamically measure anything you see on web pages. There will be times when you may want to measure the spacing, gaps between page elements or dimensions of elements. In those cases, Dimensions is the tool you need. 

Once you install the extension, you can open any page and select the crosshair icon on the toolbar. When you select, a crosshair will come on the screen. You can move it to where you want to measure and you will see the dimensions appear as a popup. It is a simple and usable tool and can help you create faster. 

8. UX Check

User experience is an essential aspect of development nowadays with its importance being much higher than it ever was. It may often be required to run a quick usability check on websites to see if there are any glaring issues that need to be fixed. UX Check is an extension that lets you do just that. 

It analyzes a page using Neilsen’s 10 heuristics principles. Since the principles are quite comprehensive, UX Check provides an effective usability analysis. Although it does not go into much detail, it is good as a first level test. The extension not only highlights the potential issues but also allows you to add notes, take screenshots and export findings for sharing with concerned persons. 

9. Color Contrast Checker

Color contrast is a major aspect of user experience design. From accessibility to readability, contrast plays an important role in making designs usable. However, not everyone knows how to check the contrast and the issues that will come when using the wrong contrasting colors. Color contrast checker is an extension that allows you to check the contrast of colors and notify if they don’t meet the Level AA WCAG standards. It also provides additional options to save colors, copy their hex code, etc. 

10. Unstack Style Guide

Style guides are an irreplaceable aspect in all the best design systems – it documents everything about the appearance of designs. Creating a style guide from scratch can take up a lot of time and effort. It’s always a great idea to start with inspiration in such cases. Unstack style guide is a chrome extension that lets you copy style guides from different websites. 

Information such as the brand palette, text colors, and typography details, everything will be copied and you can export them. It is an easy way to grab all visual design information from websites quickly and gain some inspiration to get started with designing your style guide. 

11. Web Developer Checklist

Developers have to ensure that a list of things is properly executed on a page before it can go live. Web Developer Checklist is a chrome extension that helps developers check if everything is proper. It gives you a checklist of things such as SEO, usability, accessibility, etc. that you need to take care of before publication. It is very useful, easy to use and a must-have extension for busy developers. 

12. Lightshot

Not only designers and developers, everyone who uses Chrome can make use of this amazing extension called Lightshot which allows you to take great screenshots. It is a very simple tool but is quite effective and can be really useful for inter-team collaboration and communication. 

To use it, you need to install the extension and just click on the feather icon on the page you want to take a screenshot from. Then you can drag and drop to select the desired area. Once the screenshot is done, you can save, share or upload it. 

13. Site Palette

A must-have tool for designers and front end developers, Site Palette allows you to extract color schemes from any website. If you like the color scheme of a website, you can use this extension to extract all the colors. You can even export the color scheme as an image or download a Sketch template or use Adobe swatch support. Moreover, Site Palette also supports palette generators helping you generate your own color palette. 

14. Savee

Images are an integral part of designers’ lives. From project images to inspirations, they need the images handy at all times. When you save all the images in the gallery, it can be difficult to find them when you need them. Savee is an extension that allows you to save all the images in a single place. Save the images on a board and access them from anywhere. Handy, isn’t it? 

15. SVG Grabber

Oftentimes, designers see interesting logos or icons on websites and wish to download them. The normal saving doesn’t give access to SVG images. SVG Grabber is an open-source tool that designers can use to download all SVG elements from a website. All it takes is a single button click and you get all the SVG assets. 

In daily work life, even a small tool can be a great help to increase productivity and streamline work processes. These 15 Chrome extensions are small and powerful tools that offer help in various aspects of development and design. If you are a designer or developer, try the extensions we discussed in this article and experience how it simplifies your workflow.