5 Tools to Create SEO-Friendly Content Step-by-Step 

This post provides 5 essential tools to create SEO-friendly content to help streamline your content creation for high quality posts that rank in search. 

Tools to Create SEO-Friendly Content

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Writing website copy isn’t the same as writing for print ads. You’re going to need the right tools to create SEO-friendly content in order to engage your audience and also rank in search.


Working on crafting SEO-friendly content for business websites is one of the primary components of ensuring the prosperity and growth of any company. Apart from making your website attractive, useful, and relevant for your target audience, crafting your content intelligently is also a driving factor for higher CTR. 

From the travel and tourism companies in California to the escape room businesses in Japan, the need for SEO-friendly content is unavoidable regardless of the industry and geographical location of a business. If online visibility for your business is one of the goals of your organization, SEO-backed content is the fastest and most authentic way to create that opportunity.  


This article will discuss 5 tools to create SEO-friendly content for your business efficiently. While we lay out your options, take notes to decide which one fits the bill the best for you! 

1. Hemingway App  

Hemingway App


The key to coming up with impactful and engaging content lies in making it as interesting and unique as possible. Your content needs to be useful and relevant to attract more viewers to it, instead of being some useless junk. Using the Hemingway App can help you immensely in coming up with impactful content for your website today! This platform also comes with a premium plan at $20 approximately, with which you can avail of several advanced features.  


Hemingway works by highlighting portions of your content in various colors, with each color designating a specific meaning. Sentences that are highlighted in yellow indicate that they are too long for any ordinary reader to follow. So, you need to make these sentences shorter by splitting them up proportionately.  


Some sentences might be highlighted in red, showing they are far too complicated to be comprehended easily. You thus need to use simpler words and reconstruct such sentences. Usage of passive voice is also highlighted in this app, showing you sentences that need to be constructed in the active voice to make it more engaging. Thus, in this way, the Hemingway app can be a useful tool for creating impactful content.  

2. Market Muse  


Market Muse


Market Muse is one of the best tools to create SEO-friendly content for businesses to improve their ranking on Google search results by crafting content that people will link to. Especially for small publishing companies, this powerful AI-based content optimization tool can be of immense help.  


By opting for the free version of MarketMuse, you can check out the primary features of this tool, while the premium version offers several advanced features. Based on machine learning technology, this tool works to take care of your keyword research, competitor research, and several other needs.  


It can also be a helpful tool for content writers in the efficient way that it suggests relevant topics for you to work on. For companies with efficient content marketing strategies, this is one of the best tools to go for! 

3. Ludwig Guru 

Ludwig Guru


As a content writer, there are often times when it gets so hard to come up with the perfect word for your content. You can start using Ludwig Guru and get expert help on word and rephrasing suggestions to improve your content. This tool works by providing users with a series of options from which they can choose the best option for themselves. This tool is efficient in helping you to find the right words for your content. 


Especially for content writers who are not so proficient with the usage of the English language, Ludwig Guru can be a great writing assistant to rely on. As the writer, all you have to do is write a sentence on this platform. After this, the platform works to showcase before you a list of similar sentences in English, which you can use as examples to check if yours is good enough.  

Thus, Ludwig Guru helps content writers to align themselves on the right track by putting up several examples of similar sentences in English. By reading these few examples that the platform provides you with, you can easily improve your writing abilities in no time! 

4. Ginger  


There are many great features in Ginger that enable content writers to create impactful content for companies. The premium plan at approximately $30 offers several advanced features which can help you work on your content efficiently.  


Every content writer, no matter how experienced they might be in the field, is prone to make mistakes. Ginger works efficiently to eliminate these mistakes and help create error-free content for your website today. Not only this, the sentence rephrasing option on Ginger helps businesses to come up with good-quality and inspiring content! 


With sentence rephrasing and word suggestions, Ginger offers several great features to every writer. It is undoubtedly one of the best editing tools to create SEO-friendly content available in the market, so make sure to try it out for your content writing needs today! 

5. WordStream 


Content writers rely immensely on the usage of the right keywords in their content. It is only when you are able to incorporate the right keywords at the right places that your content goes up in the search rankings. WordStream is a great tool that can help you in finding out the most relevant keywords for your content. To deliver content that inspires your audience and grabs their attention, make sure you find out the perfect keywords using this tool.  


Furthermore, Wordstream is also an immensely useful tool that makes online advertising such an easy task for you! It works as a cloud-based advertising management software to allow you to manage your online campaigns across various advertising channels.  


Wordstream can help ease the process of managing your online ads and campaigns on Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads through one dashboard! Try out Wordstream today and avail all the benefits that it has opened for you.  



These were just brief overviews of 5 of the best tools to create SEO-friendly content. These tools will provide everything you need to plan, shape and proof your content.

A deeper dive might be necessary to make the final decision. So, shortlist your candidates and get started with the process!