8 Tips To Improve Your Hashtag Strategy

Is your hashtag game strong? If you plan on marketing with social media use these 8 tips to improve your hashtag strategy.

8 Tips To Improve Your Hashtag Strategy

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So, you’re familiar with hashtags, but are you confident in your use of them?

If not, this post is going to help improve your hashtag strategy and boost your social posting confidence.

Anyone who is tech-savvy and spends some time on social media knows how hashtags are used by many influencers, brand ambassadors, and even companies today. Hashtags are known to be powerful features of a social media post that increases exposure or brand awareness. Simply put, when hashtags are added in an effective manner, more people can find your post, which eventually leads to increased chances for conversions.

Formulating your social media hashtag strategies is crucial if you want to yield positive outcomes from your postings. Adding random and meaningless hashtags won’t add value to your brand. Whatever social media platform you use, adding hashtags correctly will boost your social media presence and encourage interactions. 

Here are some tips to consider to improve your hashtag strategy:

1. Take Advantage Of Hashtag Generators 

Although creating a post with a hashtag is a great idea, using it effectively to reach the targeted audience is somewhat challenging. While hashtags are simple, they actually require careful study and research when deciding which wordings to use. Thus, an Instagram hashtags generator can be used to improve marketing if you’re using Instagram as your main social media account.  

Utilizing this platform is a great way to grow your following. As time passes, your followers will become more knowledgeable about you and your brand. This will allow you to establish your brand in a short time and increase sales for your business. In the same way that followers are increasing, likes are also growing. If new users see this, they’re more likely to like the post. 

With hashtag generators, you can create inspiring hashtags that attract followers. You can eventually interact and exchange comments with your real followers too.  

Before you use this platform, you need to focus on choosing the right software. Some offer free services, but reading reviews is essential before using them. Determine which one can help your social media account generate effective results.  

2. Consider Suggested Hashtags 

Similar to a search engine, Instagram’s app includes a search bar. You can take advantage of this feature and search which hashtags generate the most usage. Hashtag generators like Meta Hashtags can assist you in finding the most widely used hashtags. These services will provide you with hundreds of quality hashtags and valuable metrics to choose the ones that will work best for your content.

3. Know How Many Hashtags To Use 

Some people get annoyed with a post that comes with so many hashtags, so be careful when deciding how many hashtags to use on your post. Decide what type of hashtag is right for your audience and channel. For instance, Twitter comes with limited use of character spaces, so you need to add only a maximum of three hashtags. As for Facebook or Instagram, you can definitely add more. 

Ensure that the hashtags you use are catchy enough to attract new users and followers to click your post. Your target audience can be reached with one or two solid and relevant hashtags. It’s all a matter of knowing the balance between too few or too many hashtags to be used.  

4. Prioritize Quality Over Quantity 

While it may be tempting to add in as many hashtags as you can think of, the reality is that quality is better than quantity. A post on Instagram can have up to 30 hashtags, and a story can have 10. However, this doesn’t mean you have to use them all up. Make sure that each hashtag you add to your post is worthy and meaningful. If not, it’ll only pull down the quality of your posting. 

Keeping your caption space clutter-free will allow the spotlight to shine on your message. Try to be a minimalist on social media and prioritize using high-quality hashtags rather than crowding your post with meaningless words. Usually, three to five high-quality hashtags should suffice to encourage followers to check your post. Make sure that your social media strategy reaches and attracts your potential followers to grow your fan base.

5. Check Out Your Competitors’ Hashtags 

Taking a look at your competitors can also help you find Instagram hashtags. Chances are, they might be using strong and effective hashtags which can help create an impact for your brand too. Look at the recent content on a competitor’s profile page and spy on the hashtag content. In a similar vein, influencers and bloggers have an incentive to use hashtags. So, try to check them out too. 

Try to mimic the hashtags they use and observe whether these yield the same effect on your postings. If you don’t see hashtags in the caption, they might be hidden in the comments section. This conceals the hashtags and keeps the caption more attractive. 

6. Research On Relevant Hashtags  

There are many benefits of social media for your business. Hence, find out what hashtag brands and influencers like yours are using. These hashtags will be searched by people looking for related content, so your content is more likely to appear. You can use these to make sure your posts reach the right people. 

It’s essential to use somewhat uniform hashtags in your industry, so your target audience can consider your brand when they’re faced with deciding which brand to go for. Using a hashtag generator or finder tool can also help discover relevant hashtags. 

7. Research On Popular Hashtags 

It’s easy to find the right hashtag to use if you know what people are talking about. This means you have to take time to do your research and be in the know of the latest trends and online activities. There are many ways to stay updated on the latest industry developments. Businesses need to plan to take advantage of a business idea or to market a product. 

Bloggers or other industry experts can also use hashtags to identify and address specific issues discussed on social media. There might be current issues that businesses and customers often discuss today, and they’re probably using some sets of hashtags. You can keep up with the latest trends by knowing what hashtags are used these days. 

8. Keep A List 

You don’t have to post something new on Instagram every time. It would help to list all the helpful and essential hashtags that generated successful results in the past. You can reuse them as many times as long as they remain widely used by your target audience. 

Identify hashtags that are relevant to your brand. Using this list, you can choose appropriate hashtags for your posts without conducting lengthy research every time. You can also track down the metrics on how often you’ve used hashtags. 


Instagram hashtags should be carefully chosen. They’ve been widely used by many brands and companies today because they’re practical, but you need to apply the right strategies to make them work on your posts. Hopefully, the tips mentioned above will help you improve your hashtag strategy. Make your posts more engaging by using carefully-formulated or researched hashtags.