Tips to End 2016 with a Strong Social Media Presence

Brands can kick off the new year with a strong social media presence, allowing them to generate more leads and sales.


2016 social media presence


As 2016 comes to an end, there’s no better time than now to step up your social media marketing efforts. So if you’re looking to improve your social standings, here are a few essential tips to help.


Don’t Forget Instagram

Facebook and Twitter are powerful social media networks on which brands can promote their respective produces and services. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should overlook other, smaller networks. With 90% of its users being younger than 35, Instagram is a particularly powerful social media network for brands needing to target the coveted millennial demographic.


Consistent Brand Imagery

When was the last time that you went through all of your social media profiles and pages to ensure they have the same brand imagery? Well, there’s no time like the present. It may seem harmless enough, but using different logos, color schemes and other brand imagery across multiple social media networks can hurt your efforts to engage followers.


Use Paid Advertising

If you’re struggling to reach your audience on social media, consider using some of the paid advertising options. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all support paid advertising. Using their services, you can reach a much larger audience, paying for traffic to your website or profile.


Content Strategy

Do you have a well-thought-out content marketing strategy for social media?

High-quality content is the driving force behind all successful social media profiles and pages. Without content, you’ll have a difficult time convincing users to follow you, let alone buy your product or service. You don’t have to create all of your content by hand. Rather, try sharing your followers’ content while also creating some unique content.


Engage in Discussions

You should engage in direct discussions with your followers on social media. Far too many brands overlook the importance of user discussions, turning a blind eye to comments and questions left by their followers. This hurts their image, however, as followers want to feel acknowledged by the brands they “like.” It only takes a couple minutes to respond to a follower, but doing so can leave a lasting and positive impression.


These are just a few tips to bolster your brand’s social media presence in preparation of the new year.