The Ultimate Dictionary of Marketing Terms You Should Know

Find out what online marketing terms you should know when building your online business.

dictionary of marketing terms


The word ‘marketing’ has countless acronyms associated with it.

When it comes to online marketing new terms are created at an almost daily basis. Some are trendy and lose value quickly, others are critical to both marketing and business success.

Knowing these terms is essential for any entrepreneur.

So, gear up and keep yourself up-to-date with all the marketing terms you should know.

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Lead Generation Terms


Here’s a comprehensive list of all the marketing terms which can hugely contribute towards the growth of your business.




A lead refers to a person who converts an undisclosed website visitor to a known contact. This transformation occurs when the website visitor agrees to provide his or her contact details to the lead in exchange for some valuable information.


Lead Generation


It is a marketing technique which focuses on attracting people towards a product or a service. This usually takes place by providing valuable content in exchange of contact information from an anonymous website visitor.


Landing Page


A landing page is a website page which comprises of various marketing offers such as an eBook or a webinar giving the readers an in-depth view of the products and services offered by a business to an audience at large.




The information which is offered on the website after the landing page is called an offer. Offers can be many kinds including eBooks, whitepapers, webinars and kits.




A call-to-action include text links, buttons, images, or some type of web links that encourages a user to visit a landing page. In other words, call-to-action words act as an invitation which captures the attention of the website visitors thus captivating them to visit the respective site to gain maximum audience readability.

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Landing Page Terms


A/B Testing


This involves testing two different versions of landing pages in order to ascertain which one performs the best.


Control Page


When you decide to optimize your webpage using the A/B Test, the original page that you wish to improvise is called the control page.




The ultimate design of the landing page is called layout. For instance, a web page may have the information towards the right and the form towards the left. The layout design varies from business to business and from one brand to another.


Page Views


Page views refer to the number of hits or views a particular page has got.


Time on Page


Time on page is the total time spent by the visitor on the landing page.

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Email Marketing Terms


Above the Fold


It is the part of a web page which can be spotted without scrolling. Hence, the most relevant information about the business or the brand is placed in that section because of the reader visibility.


If you happen to have a ‘mailing list’ or a ‘join’ option on your website, you can place it ‘above the fold’ thus making it easier for the website visitor to join in.




HTML emails enable marketers to make use of effective fonts, graphics and background colours. It makes the email content captivating and, when used efficiently, it can generate response rates up to 35% higher than the normal, plain text.




Targeting refers to sending emails only to a set of audience who are likely to be interested in knowing about the products and services offered by a business. This is one of the important components of email marketing as it allows the marketer to receive high response rate resulting in a few unsubscribes.


Viral Marketing


Viral marketing is also called marketing through the word-of-mouth which is carried out deliberately by the company officials. Some of the tools like ‘send this page or article or website to a friend’ encourage the audience to read the newsletter and other exclusive offers initiated by the business for the users.

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Blogging and SEO Terms



The article is synonymous to a blog post which is published on a website. Publishing high-quality articles or blogs will help the business in receiving a substantially good rank in search engines thus showcasing your brand name to a larger audience.




Domain refers to the address of your site, for example, It is advisable to renew the ownership of your website as the search engine rankings regard websites which have a longer period of registration.




A small logo representing your brand name is called Favicon. It appears in the user’s address bar, bookmarks and favourite lists.




Keywords are topic generators which play a key role in generating more viewers to your site. The keywords should be picked keeping in mind the target audience and the demands of the audience with respect to products and services. They should be creative and must have a holistic structure providing an in-depth perspective on the topic chosen.


Meta Description


Meta Description refers to a brief description of a page or a post. It should be written keeping in mind the targeted words. A good meta description consists of 160 characters including the important keywords with a sole intention to draw the attention of the users.

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Marketing Automation Terms


Cross-channel Analytics


It is a business analytic process where multiple data from a variety of channels are linked together by using platforms such as websites, social media and blogs.


Landmark Emails


Landmark emails pertain to messages that focus on birthdays, anniversaries and important milestones of the customer just to ensure that the business closely values its customers in all aspects.


Loyalty Offers


Loyalty offers are gifts and genuine thank-you notes offered by the business to its customers to appreciate their loyalty over a long period of time.




Segmentation refers to categorising your target audience according to their tastes and preferences. Classifying your audience in an effective way can indeed increase your sales and profits.

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Social Media Terms


Instant Messaging


Instant messaging popularly called as IM, is an online chat based real-time based communication between two or more people. Some of the instant messaging tools also offer features such as video calling, file transfers, clickable hyperlinks and many more.


For instance, the live casinos offer the players with a unique live chat feature where they can instantly get in touch with the live dealers, anywhere, anytime.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


SEO is the process of improving the volume of web traffic concerning a business site to create brand awareness and popularity.


Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing concerns with monitoring the responses of a business or a brand in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedln.


Video Blog


It is a blog which regularly produces video content relating to a theme, thought or an idea. They are usually released on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.




WordPress is a content management system which helps the business in the creation of website and publishing of blogs. It is one of the most popular web blogging platforms covering 30% of the entire web from hobby to business blogs.


The above terms discussed gives you an inclusive overview of all the marketing terms used today. Acquainting yourself with these terms will undoubtedly enable you to market your brand skillfully.

Well then, happy marketing!