Still haven’t jumped on the WordPress bandwagon?

Powering more than one hundred million websites and counting, WordPress has become the world’s most popular content management system (CMS). It’s fast, free, versatile, and can be optimized for higher search rankings.

power of wordpress

Automatic Search Engine ‘Pinging’

By default, each time you publish a new post or page, WordPress will automatically ping the search engines. Why is this important? Well, unless Google, Bing and Yahoo know about your new posts and pages, they won’t be able to index them. Granted, search engines do a pretty good job at discovering new content on their own, but WordPress gives them a helping hand thanks to its automatic pinging feature. Whenever you publish new content to your website, WordPress sends a notification to pingomatic, which then spreads the message to the search engines.

Note: pingomatic is the default pinging service used by WordPress. However, you can add your own by accessing Settings > Writing > Update Services.


Search Engine Friendly Permalinks

One of the many reasons why WordPress is the preferred CMS by professional web developers is because it supports the use of search engine friendly permalinks. Instead of having new pages created with generic URLs such as, you can specify a permalink structure in which the post or page’s title is used. To enable this feature, log into your WordPress dashboard and select Settings > Permalinks > Post name. Sorry if you were expecting more, but that’s all it takes to set up permalinks in WordPress!



The SEO benefits of WordPress don’t end there. This popular CMS platform supports visitor commenting, which can help boost your site’s search ranking by providing it with fresh, new content on a regular basis. Each time a visitor leaves a comment, it creates new content for your website – content that search engines love.



We can’t talk about the SEO power of WordPress without mentioning its support for plugins. Want to add a new function or feature to your website without messing with complicated code? Check the WordPress plugin directory and you’ll probably find a plugin for it. Plugins can perform a wide variety of tasks, ranging from browser caching and GZIP compression to customized meta elements and tagging. Arguably, one of the most powerful WordPress plugins for search optimization is Yoast SEO. This free-to-use plugin can make a world of difference in your site’s search ranking, so be sure to use it.


Here’s a few WordPress SEO plugins that you probably haven’t heard of, but are really good.

1. SEOPressor

SEOPressor boasts a built in keyword research tool allowing you to find long tail keywords. It also has a handy drag and drop functionality to insert the keyword to your content with one click saving about 15 to 20 minutes per post. Easily manage all your posts and pages.

SEOPressor v5 is all new and advanced search engine optimization plugin. It has power to perform in depth keyword research from within your wordpress post editor.

2. Rank Reveal

Rank reveal is a premium service which allows you to find keywords for which you are ranking and for which you can rank higher in future and which you never knew existed. It allows you to find long tail keywords with very low competition but high conversion.


3. Ultimate Video SEO Plugin

This plugin automatically generates video object mark up and helps to show video thumbnail on search result pages. Fetch video seo details right from the video hosting service.

ultimate video seo plugin

4. WP Social

This plugin is all about making your website social friendly. Some of the things that make this plugin great are adding social media sharing buttons, using Facebook open graph tag, adding twitter meta data, using Google authorship and finally adding micro data.

WP Social