The Secret to Niche Edits to Power Up Your Content

Are you ready to learn the secret to niche edits and how they can improve the relevance of your writing? Read this article and learn how powerful they can be.

The Secret to Niche Edits


Establishing an online audience and a group of devoted followers doesn’t just require you to produce unique content.

Content is relevant and the basis of what you aim to achieve; without implementing niche edits and other SEO strategies, it will remain stagnant. 

This article aims to tell you how a niche edit, also called a backlink, can help take your writing to the next level. You will learn how a simple link to another website within your niche will drive highly relevant traffic back to you, increasing your online presence and audience.

Let’s get started!

What Are Niche Edits?

A niche edit is a link inserted into pieces of content on someone else’s website, pointing back to your site. It is also called a curated or contextual link.

You may wonder why these links are known in the SEO industry as niche edits. The term niche edit describes the editing of a website in a particular niche to refresh its existing content with new links.

In other words, niche editing is a link-building method that increases your website’s relevance and authority by providing link juice. Through niche editing, link juice “flows” quicker to your website than other link-building strategies.

Niche editing has a similar effect to guest posting, but they are two different strategies. Let’s see the difference between them in the next section.

Niche Edits vs. Guest Posts

There is a fundamental difference between niche editing and guest posts. As mentioned, niche editing is a strategic link placement method within existing content on another website.

On the other hand, guest posting is a strategy that aims to improve SERPs rankings by writing a new piece of content and publishing it on another relevant website.

Besides the unique approach, these strategies also have other significant differences.

In terms of effectiveness, niche editing provides quicker results than guest posts. They can drive more traffic to a website through accelerated link juice. Guest posts can also drive link juice, but at a slower pace.

Regarding cost and time, niche editing is quicker and cheaper to implement than guest posts. That’s because guest posting involves the creation of entirely new content, which takes time. Compared to that, implementing a simple niche edit only takes a few minutes.

Both guest posting and niche editing are essential to enhance your writing and the SEO performance of your content. 

That is why many marketing agencies offer these types of services. For example, CLICKVISION provides one of the highest quality niche edits and guest post services from dedicated experts in the field of SEO at very affordable prices.

Types of Link-Building Strategies

Before we get into the process of obtaining niche edit backlinks, we must first distinguish between the different link-building strategies.

White hat

White hat, also called the “Gentleman’s tactic,” is a link-building strategy that involves an honest approach to acquiring a niche edit.

This technique of building links follows the various search engine guidelines. It is often the manual process of contacting potential website owners and asking them to implement backlinks into their content. Each outreach is personalized and niche related.

White hat niche editing offers a sustainable linkage between domains and helps build better user relationships.

Grey hat

Grey hat link building combines white hat and black hat techniques. 

Acquiring gray hat niche editing is not strictly against search engine guidelines but goes outside of using the best practices.

Examples of obtaining gray hat niche edit backlinks may include:

  • Reaching and contacting potential website owners for links via cold email.
  • Placing comments on blog posts in hopes of getting a backlink.
  • Building links through low-relevance sites to boost domain authority.

Black hat

Black hat link-building is a deceitful strategy to obtain backlinks. The tactics used by this strategy are forbidden by search engine guidelines and are subject to rigorous penalties.

This strategy often involves using PBN (Private Blog Network) links. These links come from artificial sites made only to drive link juice. These PBN domains also sell links and pass as much traffic as possible.

We can closely relate black hat link building to the illegal purchase and implementation of links, like on the black market.

How to Obtain Niche Edits

You can use multiple strategies to obtain some of the best niche edits. The process, however, is relatively the same for all of them. 

In this section, we will talk about the three most commonly used niche edit strategies and the process of obtaining them.

Three common strategies for obtaining niche edit backlinks

Broken link building

This is one of the most common niche editing strategies that you can use. It involves scouring the Internet for niche-related websites, scanning them for broken links, and offering a link to your website as a suitable replacement.

Through this strategy, you help highly relevant website owners identify broken links that affect their SEO performance. They fix the broken link by making it a backlink to your website’s content.

As you can see, this is a win-win situation strategy. You get a backlink from their website, transferring direct link juice to your site. The website owner with the broken link gets to improve the site’s ratings in the SERPs.

Resource page link building

This strategy involves the placement of backlinks on the resource page of a high-domain authority website. High-quality traffic flows from these links, as users needing valuable information often visit resource pages.

In practice, resource page niche edit backlinks are when you and your content are featured on a website’s resource page.

You can use Google Footprints or Ninja Outreach to find resource page opportunities, which you can then analyze for relevancy, page type, link type, etc.

Brand mention link building

Many people often neglect this link-building strategy, not realizing it is one of the easiest ways to acquire a niche edit. It does not matter if your site is brand new or already established; this strategy will provide extra traffic and link juice early on.

How does a brand mention link building work?

People often mention your brand but forget to link back to your website. This strategy corrects that, ensuring the mention of your brand is followed with a backlink.

But how will you know if someone mentions your brand online?

Setting up an alert tool like Google Alerts is ideal for this purpose. Every time someone mentions your brand, you will receive an email notification with the name of the website that mentions it.

Then you can contact the website owner and ask them to insert a link to your site. That is how you passively gain link juice, by acquiring brand-mention niche edit backlinks.

The process of obtaining niche edit backlinks

In this section, we will go through the process of link insertion and provide you with a step-by-step guide so you can get started.

  • Identify which sites to approach

The first and obvious thing to do is identify possible prospects that you can approach and ask for a link insertion. 

This is the primary part of the research phase. Finding suitable sites is crucial for establishing a successful link insertion strategy. That is why there are several essential things to consider during this phase.

First, the site you will target must cover topics related to your niche.

Second, the site should have a high and established relevance and domain authority. A high domain authority site will transfer more link juice your way. You can use tools like Ahrefs Domain Rating or Moz Domain Authority to check domain metrics.

Third, try to “get a sense” of whether or not the site you’re targeting accepts niche edit backlinks. Some high-traffic and authority sites will not state this. What you can do instead is to check their site or blog in detail, analyze how often they include backlinks from other sites, have a valuable content piece from your site, etc.

  • Choose the post or page suitable for your link

Once you’ve chosen the right websites you will target, you must evaluate which posts or pages are suitable for a link. You can do this by targeting a specific keyword and finding the pages or posts that mention it on the website/s.

The best way to find targeted posts or pages is by using Google search operators. They are combinations of symbols and words that help filter data precisely and more accurately. 

Besides the Google search operators, you can also use tools like Semrush or Ahrefs to analyze websites and see the top pages they rank for. Then you can ask for link insertion on these pages.

  • Find the email address of the author or owner

Next on the list is to find the email address of the owner or person responsible for posting on the website. The email may or may not be posted on the site, so you must find it by other means.

Don’t worry; you won’t have to manually search for the emails on the web, as there are specialized tools like Email Hunter or Snovio for this purpose.

Depending on the tool you use, you may even find the owner’s name. This is also true for blogging websites or smaller companies. Personal information about larger companies, however, is more difficult to find.

  • Send a personalized message and be persistent

The final step in acquiring niche edit backlinks is to be optimistic and send a personalized message.

It is vital to go straight to the point and make your email shorter. People rarely read long blocks of text, especially if they take time to get to the main point.

Shortly tell the owner of the website about yourself, and explain why it is that they want to collaborate with you. Offer them an insight into your unique article, so they can see that it’s worth linking to it.

The most important things to remember are:

  • To make it perfectly clear who you are and what you do
  • To be precise in asking them for collaboration
  • To make the email sound human and friendly, not AI written.

Don’t discourage yourself if you don’t get an answer straight away. Large and high-traffic websites get messages like these. Maybe the owner or webmaster simply skipped your message. Keep trying until you get a positive or negative answer.

You can also offer to buy niche edits but use this approach carefully, as it falls under forbidden search engine guidelines.

The Importance of Niche Edits for SEO

Niche edit backlinks already have and will continue to play an essential part in SEO and SERP optimization.


Because they help drive potent link juice and traffic, increase the relevance of your website, and help search engines better index and position your website.

The niche edit backlinks placed on high-traffic websites will re-route that traffic back to your website. As a result, you will get more targeted traffic from audiences interested in your niche and content.

The more traffic you gain from a specific audience, your online presence and authority will rise. This relevance will increase further as you add more niche edit backlinks on other high-authority sites.

Regarding relevance, niche edit backlinks are more powerful than ordinary links. This is logical since they are placed on high-traffic websites with established domain authority, which search engines view as highly relevant. 

Therefore, if you have a backlink from those sites back to your content, that tells search engines your domain authority is also relevant.

Key Takeaways

The most important things to remember about niche edit backlinks are that they:

  • Provide relevance
  • Increase credibility
  • Drive high-traffic and link juice
  • Are cheaper and easier to implement
  • Safe to use.


As you can see, niche edits are essential in how your content is found and perceived online. With them, it will remain hidden from the eyes of search engines and will show up before your audience in the SERPs.

Don’t be afraid to use the niche edit strategy early on, reap the benefits, and take your writing to the next level.