Techniques for Building Maximum Backlinks to Specific Content

Backlinks are still the most important factor in ranking, so learning strategies for building maximum backlinks to your content is a must.

Techniques of Building Maximum Backlinks for Specific Content


Backlinks are the backbone of any SEO campaign – does it sound a bit cliché? Yes, it might seem like something better not told again, but the truth has to be told over and over again. Backlinks are still the most dominant contributors in SEO rankings. Although there are numerous factors that the Google search algorithm considers in determining search rankings, backlinks have retained its importance even today. According to an expert SEO Consultant Mill Creek WA, there are no signs that it would change very soon.

Have more quality and relevant links pointing to your website and see how your rankings keep climbing up. While the cumulative figure of backlinks to the site might excite you, it is important to pay more attention in collecting maximum links for a particular content. Keep reading to know how you can do it.

Create enriched and in depth content

Despite everybody striving to produce high-quality content, some particular types of content attract more attention and create more interest, thereby attracting more backlinks. In-depth guides draw maximum back links and are the best bet. Choose the topic that is relevant to the audience, and it could be anything about landing page optimization, content marketing, digital marketing in general and so on.

Create the guide to make it exhaustive and cover every detail related to the topic. Break down every step into smaller ones so that it explains the process very clearly and leaves nothing more to ask. It should help to understand the specifics and gain a better understanding of the perspective of the theory that underlies it. It is similar to classroom teaching that leaves nothing vague and answers all probable questions without asking.

Aim for several keywords

More keywords increase visibility, but this can be tricky if you are used to smaller content between 500 to 700 words. When you try to fit several (more than three) keywords into the content, it could result in keyword stuffing within the small space. To facilitate the use of many keywords, six, seven or even eight, you have to depend on long form content not less than 2000 words and better still if it goes above 3000. The average content length on the first page of the search result of Google is 1890 words.

Putting in many keywords in the content increases the opportunity to rank for all of them, and this enhances visibility. The content would get more exposure from it, and obviously, it would attract backlinks according to its merit. Using long tail keywords is a great way to increase organic traffic that attracts the majority of your audience.

Learn from the competitors

Even if your website enjoys high visibility, there is no guarantee that backlinks would start flowing in large numbers on its own. While some would happen that way, to increase the figures quickly, you must approach other websites for backlinks. Now, the question is which sites you must target for backlinks. Instead of getting into a wild hunt for sites in your niche, keep a watch on your competitors for leads on websites that send links to them. Since the competitors have interest in a similar business niche, you get ready-made sources to approach for links that would find reasons to link with you too. Creating relationships with the websites using targeted emails is an established way of asking for links because it works well.

Turn to expert round up blog post

The techniques explained above revolved around the context of building link profiles for specific content. However, it is also important to gather links for the website as a whole by focusing on other types of content. Creating content for the sole purpose of earning backlinks is not easy because it must address the needs of the audience and pose as a problem solver to attract them. It requires a good amount of audience research to identify topics that will work.

An easier way of doing it is to create an expert round up blog post that contains answers from various experts on a very pertinent question that the audience faces. You circulate the question among several experts and ask for the answers. Use the answers to create a blog post that is easy to comprehend. After you publish the article, get back to the experts who have contributed to the article, and share the URL of the post. They would most likely start sharing the link on social media and other platforms and also link back to the article. In the process, you achieve your goal of earning quality backlinks that come from experts and develops authority.

Combining the techniques of using long form content with several keywords and roping in experts for roundup posts are some definite ways of earning backlinks that keep you at the top of the game in search rankings.