take your brand onlineThe marketplace for any business looking to grow is filled with endless possibilities online. According to Pew Internet, 74 percent of adults now use a social networking site of some kind while online. This number is steadily growing and as a business owner you should be visible on these sites so that your brand can grow.

You might be content with your clientele now, but as the Internet has become a mainstay, it is important to look to the future and create a presence that goes beyond your brick and mortar store front. Read on for tips on :

Online Marketing Do’s

While it is important to be present in the lives of your consumers, it is equally important to avoid irritating them with that presence. Bring your consumers to you by linking the services you offer with your brand. According to Pew Internet, 42 percent of social media users convene on multiple sites, while an overwhelming 71 percent stick primarily to Facebook to connect with others.

While it is critical to get your brand on social media sites, your focus should center around those that are most popular, like Facebook. Your first step should be to create a business profile on the site and then to link it on all of your accounts as well as your company’s webpage. For example, Drivetime.com’s Facebook page not only provides information on the company, but it is also a place to voice thoughts and concerns that might interest a wide audience. Creating this type of infrastructure will help lead already established customers to you, and they will then drive the spread of your brand by liking your page. In this way, you will be engaging a crowd that already respects what you do, and they will bring in new clientele for you.

Online Marketing Dont’s

Engaging new customers is important, but it is also important to keep the customers who already trust your brand. Don’t spend all your time creating profiles you can’t manage accordingly. The whole purpose of maintaining an online presence is to let consumers know that you are available, so make sure you respond to questions, concerns and feedback you receive through social media.

According to HBR.org, only 12 percent of companies feel they are using social media to its fullest potential. The market is ripe for you to effectively engage your consumers by doing the right things online. Knowing the will of your customer and what they need is what can drive innovation at your organization. According to WebDam.com, customer testimonials are 89 percent effective. Social media can help you monitor trends so you can better communicate with your customers about what advances need to be made with your products. Companies that effectively use social media monitor trends online and keep a conversation going about their services. Conversations are what can change your strategy and help you be the top choice among customers so that they can sing your praises for you.

All in all, taking your brand online is only going to help and if you take it online in the right ways, you will see a return on investment sure to keep your business growing.