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16 11, 2022

Guide to Mental Models in User Experience Design

2022-11-22T11:25:47-08:00By |

Guide to Mental Models in User Experience Design What are mental models and how do they apply to user experience design? Your Guide to decoding the user experience. Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash Mental models are the key to decoding the user experience by aligning perception and function intuitively, let's take look at how [...]

24 11, 2015

Three User Behavior Metrics That Make a Difference in SEO

2015-11-24T11:32:00-08:00By |

There's strong evidence that optimizing for user metrics can boost your position in SERPs.Even though you optimize like crazy for keywords and keyword groups, don't overlook another powerful, although somewhat mysterious, Google ranking factor: user behavior. True to form, Google has never explicitly said that searchers' behavior influences the way your web pages rank. But [...]

4 02, 2015

How to Design with User Experience in Mind

2015-02-04T18:46:33-08:00By |

There is a direct link between user experience, marketing goals and your web design. The type of web design that you choose will drive your consumer's experience, and your design should make sense for your website's purpose. User experience requires that an e-commerce site should not have the same functional design as a financial institution's [...]

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