24 08, 2015

Google Brings Tweets to Search Results – Relevant Tweets to Be Included on Mobile Searches

2015-08-24T04:04:44-07:00By |

Google’s letting Twitter spread its wings a bit further. The two companies are tightening their bond as Google announced those using mobile devices will now find tweets as part of their real-time finds on the Google search results. This means when someone searches for something — Katie Perry, for instance — the displayed results will also […]

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7 08, 2015

Separate Mobile Domain vs Responsive Web Design

2015-08-07T21:52:08-07:00By |

There are several different ways to optimize a website for mobile compatibility, including the use of a separate mobile domain or a responsive web design. While both of these techniques are capable of creating brilliant, fully functional websites that work on smartphones, there are nuances between them that shouldn't go unnoticed.Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly [...]

21 07, 2015

Statistics On Just How Important Responsive Design Is

2015-07-21T17:51:35-07:00By |

Are you responsive online? Here are some shocking statistics that prove the importance of responsive design for your website and business practices.From my perspective "responsiveness" means a great deal online and the statics indicate that it means a great deal to your customers as well.Most people will quickly make the association for responsive design, but [...]

15 07, 2015

Understanding Mobile Shoppers: 3 Tips to Reach Your Mobile Audience

2015-07-15T20:45:26-07:00By |

Consumers today have come to rely on mobile devices for much of their shopping experience. Mobile commerce is huge, and is still on the rise. Forrester reports that mobile commerce will reach an estimated $293 billion in sales by 2018. So, understanding mobile shoppers' behavior is key if you want to reach them effectively. If [...]

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