Google Slapped So Hard That You Couldn’t Even See The BackSide of AltaVista

2012-03-26T23:48:05-07:00By |

While it's great for a search engine to improve, I think a lot of people view SEO in terms of what needs to be done to get their website better rankings and better visibility. For these people building back links, exchanging links, adjusting meta data and doing whatever else they can do to help their website get attention is good SEO. For many, the line delineating "white hat" and "black hat" is a pretty grey area. So, now these very same people are silently waiting to see if their efforts are going to be deemed "beyond what a normal person would expect in a particular area", whatever that means. Nobody wants to be the one saying, "oh, man I was just too clever at building a network for my blog that I got bitch slapped so far off the Google serps that my site didn't even land on Altavista."