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21 03, 2016

Google PageRank: Who Gives a Shit?

2016-03-21T15:31:17-07:00By |

Google PageRank: Who Gives a Shit?It's been a long time in the making, but Google has placed the final nail in PageRank's coffin.Honestly, I can't imagine anyone caring about Google PageRank anymore, but it still seems to get a lot of attention.Search Engine Land reported earlier this week that Google would be removing its Toolbar [...]

28 12, 2015

The ONLY PageRank That Still Matters

2015-12-28T17:47:12-08:00By |

The only pagerank that still matters isn't one that you visually measure.Pagerank has been one of the most abused metrics in measuring SEO performance and a website’s true strength. There is only one pagerank that still matters and that is Google's internal PageRank calculation used to determine where your pages will fall in the SERPs.PageRank [...]

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