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13 08, 2020

Why Is Digital Marketing So Important For Your Business? 

2020-08-13T16:26:24-07:00By |

Why Is Digital Marketing So Important For Your Business?  Digital marketing allows your business to target your audience directly, measure results effectively and scale your strategy along with growth, learn more. If you have a business and you are responsible for ensuring that it runs smoothly and becomes even more successful than it is now, [...]

20 11, 2015

What Optimization Leaders Are Doing (And You Should Be Doing, Too)

2015-11-20T14:08:39-08:00By |

How do the top minds in digital marketing operate? Contributor Kevin Lindsay discusses the mindsets and habits that lead individual marketers -- and their organizations -- to success. I spend my days surrounded by some of the boldest, most innovative thinkers in the digital marketing universe — and it’s pretty incredible. They’re taking risks, experimenting, [...]

7 10, 2015

Content One of the 3 ‘Greats’ in Digital Marketing

2015-10-07T16:27:44-07:00By |

Having the right technology is essential for any marketing strategy, but columnist Alex LePage reminds us that it's the content that will make or break your advertising campaign.There are three “greats” that are needed for any digital marketing campaign: great technology, great data and great content. A lot of emphasis today is placed on the [...]

10 09, 2015

Five Bad Habits That Digital Marketers Should Avoid

2015-09-10T14:50:00-07:00By |

Digital advertising remains very much a blend of art and science utilizing the flywheel effect of technology.This post, Five Bad Habits That Digital Marketers Should Avoid, was first published on Econsultancy.Within the art comes a lot of human decision-making fueled by data, intuition, or speculation.Quality of data, degree of intuition and amount of speculation can [...]

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