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10 08, 2012

New Board Game Launch – Fantastiqa – A Game of Adventure

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Fantastiqa, a new game release from Gryphon Games, has overwhelmingly exceeded its Kickstarter Campaign goal! Pixel is proud to announce our latest project with Gryphon Games and game designer Alf Seegert has finished up its Kickstarter campaign with 324 backers and a whopping $23,581 in pledged funds, well exceeding the initial $10,000 goal! FANTASTIQA is [...]

18 05, 2012

New Card Game Launch – Cowtown – Play it ’till the Cows Come Home

2012-05-18T22:45:57-07:00By |

All the cows have left the nearby ranches and headed down to Cowtown for a little ‘cow’-rousing. But it seems that things have gotten a little out of hoof and now you and your fellow cowpokes need to get these herding heavies back in line. You will need to make the right moooooves to corral these cows before udder madness prevails in Cowtown.

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